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WordPress upgrade renders a reader’s post slugs unchangable and permalinks stuck in default format despite custom settings

Can you help my reader, Steven, who wrote in to me with the following problem?

I have recently upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1 from 2.6.

I was creating pages with wp 2.6. Underneath the post title was displayed the “url” or permalink, and I could edit and customize it any way I liked.

Now with wp 2.7.1, no matter what I enter in the page slug box, my new pages’ permalinks are always in the default format, ie the ugly permalinks with the numeric ids (despite that my permalink settings are set to ‘custom’). The old pages created with wp 2.6 are unaffected.

I have been struggling and researching for the past 5 hours and still can’t get it to work. I’ve read that there are some problems with ‘category slugs’ meant for posts, but so far I have not found any feedback about page slug or page permalinks.

Please help me.

Unfortunately, I’ve no suggestions for Steven with today’s Reader Question (RQ) — can YOU help him?

Please provide any and all suggestions in the comments section! Thanks from both myself and Steven for any assistance you can provide.

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