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WordPress Plugin and Mod Competition sponsored by

Just in case would-be WordPress developers were feeling empty since the completion of Alex King’s theme competition, along comes Mark with Weblog Tools Collection’s WordPress Plugin and Mod Competition!

Given the popularity of Alex’s theme competition, this Plugin and Mod competition is sure to spark the creative juices of many in the WordPress community (much to the benefit of the entire WP community!) This is utterly fantastic because who knows in what ways new plug-ins will enhance the functionality of WordPress 1.5! I can’t wait to see the entries roll in.

The contest will run for two months, starting on April 15th (ugh – tax day…guess you can’t expect folks to have time to work on much before that), and while the prize list hasn’t been fully determined, there’s at least $500 in it for one lucky developer courtesy of, and Mark may even contribute a Sony PSP (which, btw, has one of the best TV ad campaigns I’ve ever seen – every commercial I see REALLY makes me want to buy one (and that says a lot since I usually pooka pooka (tivo) my way through commercials), alas I lack the funds

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