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WordPress 1.5.1 Strayhorn released with bug fixes and enhancements

The latest version of WordPress is out so it’s time to upgrade to 1.5.1!

From the website:

” What’s new? Our crack documentation team has put together a short, technical changelog but to summarize this release has a ton of bug fixes, enhancements, and an important security fix. (Thanks again to Thomas Waldegger.) Plugin authors especially will love all the new API hooks and functionality we added to make advanced extensions to WordPress even easier. As a user you’ll find WordPress will run faster and make the world an even better place. Many thanks go out to our amazing testing and development team, who together squashed over 170 bugs!”

Much thanks to everyone on the wordpress team for all their efforts in producing such an awesome, easy to use, feature rich blogging system FOR FREE!

To upgrade, “Just overwrite your old WordPress files and be careful not to delete anything important in your wp-content folder”. You can get more detailed upgrade instructions on the Codex if you need them.

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