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What’s the best WordPress web hosting company for bloggers?

Looking for the best WordPress web hosting?

Update 6/2015:  I got rid of HostGator about 9 months ago and switched to SiteGround WordPress Web Hosting – highly recommend

Update 7/18/2013: I am currently using HostGator, but am contemplating switching to DreamHost

I was recently contacted by a reader who was disappointed because they had chosen the same webhost as I did for their blog, assuming that I chose my host because they’re great for blogging (more specifically, WordPress Web Hosting) and found themselves bummed when they didn’t get the same performance as my blog has. I chose my webhost (Prohosters) years ago for reasons unrelated to blogging (and now am wishing they had cPanel and Fantastico…) and have a dedicated server which costs me $300 a month (I am self-employed, after all). But this reader chose one of their $25 a month shared solutions and found himself disappointed by the speed (or lack thereof) in which his WordPress powered site loaded. So he asked me, and now I’m passing the question on to you, my faithful readers:

What is the best webhosting company for WordPress bloggers?

I would personally love to hear all of your experiences, positive and negative, so please comment away!!

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