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WordPress 2.0 Theme Competition Officially Ends, winners to be announced in two weeks

ArenaWP has officially closed the doors to new entrants to its theme competition and so the judging process has begun! Terry (the creater of ArenaWP) says that I know everyone is anxious to see the new designs, and they’ll be available in two weeks for download after the judging panel has reviewed all the entries. […]

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Save the Internet from Mob 2.0 (ISPs slowing down the loading of websites that don’t pay them protection fees)

Hi Everyone – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR BLOGGERS (and all users of the internet) Please read the following and sign the petition to preserve Network Neutrality Do you blog, buy books online, use Google, or download to an iPod? Everything we do online will be hurt if Congress passes a radical law next week […]

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What’s the best WordPress web hosting company for bloggers?

Looking for the best WordPress web hosting? Update 6/2015:  I got rid of HostGator about 9 months ago and switched to SiteGround WordPress Web Hosting – highly recommend Update 7/18/2013: I am currently using HostGator, but am contemplating switching to DreamHost I was recently contacted by a reader who was disappointed because they had chosen […]

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