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New Category/Feature on How to Blog: Readers Write In

I frequently receive email from readers of How to Blog, sometimes thanking me and other times with blogging questions that they have which they hope that I can answer. In many of the latter cases, I am able to answer their questions and get them back happily blogging. But there are times when I just […]

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WordPress upgrade renders a reader’s post slugs unchangable and permalinks stuck in default format despite custom settings

Can you help my reader, Steven, who wrote in to me with the following problem? I have recently upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1 from 2.6. I was creating pages with wp 2.6. Underneath the post title was displayed the “url” or permalink, and I could edit and customize it any way I liked. Now with wp […]

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You might wanna hold off on upgrading WordPress until version 2.0.4…

As has annoyingly been the case with many a WordPress release, turns out that this latest upgrade (WordPress 2.0.3) came with a few unexpected bugs. Dougal Campbell reports that a 2.0.4 version should be out soon. For those who already upgraded, Mark Jaquith has released what’s being called a “WordPress 2.0.3 Tuneup Plug-In” which should […]

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