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TypePad has no pagination features (next and previous buttons at the bottom of the page) AND no way of implementing them!!

Under the category of more absolutely ridiculous things that current blogging platforms are missing the boat on, I just found out that not only does TypePad not have pagination built in, but there is NO WAY of implementing it even through advanced templates. By pagination, I mean the and buttons that many bloggers and blog […]

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Review of WordPress Multi-User hosted version of WordPress 1.6 alpha at – look out TypePad!

I’ve come across what I think might be the first (p)review of the much awaited From what I’ve read, is, more or less, a hosted version of WordPress that could give TypePad even more of a run for it’s money more: a WYSIWYG editor (a huge deal for those less technically inclined and […]

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Need someone to create a custom template or plugin for your blog? Need help with SEO? Check out Rent A Coder!

I just found the coolest resource! It’s called Rent A Coder, and you can post any project that you need help with, whether it be as simple as installing WordPress / MovableType / etc for you on your server, or as complex as asking someone to write a custom blogging platform for you. Want a […]

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TypePad sporting new features and enhancements including Podcasting support, easier sidebar editing, and more

The Six Apart team continues to improve on their already great blogging platform in the latest update to TypePad! Additions and enhancements include: support for Podcasting so your blog can ‘be seen and heard’ the option to choose which photo albums you want to display on your blog (instead of having them all be available […]

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