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TypePad templates much more customizable than I originally realized

I was mucking around in the design of this blog, when I realized that TypePad is far more powerful than I’d originally realized. Now, you wouldn’t know it from my blog but I’m a pretty techie person – I’ve been a computer addict since I was 12 and had a Commodore Vic-20. I used to work in tech support for ReportSmith, a database reporting and query tool, as well as in Software Quality Assurance (i.e., finding bugs in products – hopefully before the products ship, ha ha) – yet somehow I was really late to realize the importance of blogs. I thought they were something people were just using to write public diary entries (which, in fact, is what a lot of blogs are – witness LiveJournal). But blogs can be a content management system – and TypePad’s advanced template editing options allow you to easily do such things as customize your index page. Usually people expect to see a listing of entries that are sorted by date when they visit a site created by TypePad. And yes, that’s the default setting. But you can make your own index page and have it look like whatever you want – a listing of posts by category, just the categories and post titles, whatever.

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