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TypePad has no pagination features (next and previous buttons at the bottom of the page) AND no way of implementing them!!

Under the category of more absolutely ridiculous things that current blogging platforms are missing the boat on, I just found out that not only does TypePad not have pagination built in, but there is NO WAY of implementing it even through advanced templates.

By pagination, I mean the and buttons that many bloggers and blog readers are accustomed to seeing at the bottom of a blog page (a feature that is built into WordPress, for example). TypePad gives you the option of customizing how many posts appear on a page, but no way to easily navigate to posts beyond those appearing on the front page. For example, the oldHow To Blog site is set to display 10 posts on the front page. But when users visit the site and read through those posts, and want to see the rest of what I’ve written, they have only 2 options, neither of which is optimal:

  1. View each category one at a time
  2. Go through the monthly archives

I had put it on my personal ‘to do’ list to figure out how to add Next and Previous links to the buttom of my TypePad pages, and when I finally decided to tackle the project and couldn’t figure it out on my own, I submitted a support ticket to Six Apart asking for help with it. I wrote:

WordPress has built in previous / next page links at the bottom of every page. This makes their blogs much more easy to navigate, especially for beginners. As each page only contains a certain number of posts, without having next and previous buttons it’s hard for people to easily navigate the blog.

In addition to making this a feature request, I’d also like to know what code I should use in my advanced templates in order to implement this on my blog on How to Blog.

Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
Emily Robbins

The response I got back from TypePad Customer Support was astounding (bold added by me):

Hi Emily,

Currently TypePad doesn’t offer pagination (Next Page and Previous Page links), so there isn’t any code that I can offer you to do this.

Thanks for the suggestion, though. We are always looking for ways to enhance TypePad for our users, so we will keep this in mind as a possible future feature for the system.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.


Excuse me for the double-take, but NO CODE AVAILABLE TO DO THIS? How can this be when SixApart themselves acknowledged the importance of pagination features in their own article on Six Apart Pronet entitled “Building on Movable Type Part 3: Creating Pagination Controls”, wherein they say (again, bolding is from me):

Pagination controls are sufficiently ubiquitous that our own developers saw the value in creating a reusable mechanism for creating the links developers should all be too familiar with: “next page,” “previous page,” “last page,” “first page” and “you are viewing results X to Y out of Z.” This reusable framework is not only accessible within Movable Type, but by plugins as well.

So apparently Six Apart thinks that pagination controls are so ‘ubiquitous’ that we’d be ‘all to familiar’ with them, and they are not only built into the functionality of Movable Type but also accessible by MT plugins. GREAT. For Movable Type users.

So how come when SixApart created (and updated and updated) TypePad, this “ubiquitous” functionality was somehow forgotten?

Update: for those of you who click the link to my old blog at typepad to see the lack in pagination functionality, the template for the site has been changed to make it easier for folks to see the full URL for my new posts at the new site, making for a pretty ugly site. It didn’t use to look like that, but it’s okay that it’s ugly – none of you are supposed to be using that site anymore b/c I moved over here, remember 😉

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