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Turns out MovableType does work in Firefox

Update: I just got back from a long weekend visiting my adorable new nephew Jackson, and when I went to try and update my MT blog from within Firefox, this time everything worked fine (which is bizarre, since I didn’t do anything to upgrade either my MT install or Firefox, but hey, I’m not complaining) So I don’t know what kind of glitch I was experiencing btwn MT and Firefox, but it appears to have been temporary 🙂

So I just got a slew of emails allerting me to the huge load of comment spam that just arrived on my demo MovableType site over at Online (which I haven’t put more work into developing b/c I’ve decided I prefer WordPress to MT when it comes to hosted weblog solutions). I don’t know why these guys even bother – I have it set so every comment must be manually approved, so their spam never shows up on my pages. BUT ANYWAY, I digress..

So I click the link in my email to ‘edit this comment’, and since I’ve switched from using Internet Explorer to Firefox, of course this launched a window in Firefox prompting me to log in. So I log in (AND, I check the checkbox for “Remember Me”). I click on the comments link – and it starts asking me to login again (didn’t I justdo that?). So I login again, and now it shows me the page of comments and I click ‘check all’ and then click ‘delete’ and guess what? It asks me to login again. Which I do. And then it asks me if I’m sure I want to delete 1 comment (I’m trying to delete 20), and I click yes, and guess what???? It asks me to login again, which, after doing, prompts me with another ‘are you sure you want to delete 1 comment’, after which I decide it’s time to launch IE. Sure enough, I login with IE once, and everything goes smooth as silk. With so many users switching to Firefox these days, how is it that something as popular as movable type doesn’t work in that browser (at least not the UI for the blog owner).

Anyone else have problems using MT with Firefox?

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