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Troubles getting BlogJet to work with WordPress? You need to upgrade to WordPress

5/20 update – the problem was indeed a bug in wordpress and requires an upgrade to WordPres version Then you’ll be happily blogjetting your way along! Yay!

5/12 update – despite the comment that indicates this is a bug in WP that is fixed in the nightly builds, wordpress 1.5.1 has been released and after upgrading to it, I’m still experiencing the same problems with Blogjet not working with wordpress. However, the below workaround I came up with still works w/1.5.1

4/27 update –
I’ve come up with a workaround, that, while annoying, does allow me to use BlogJet to post to WordPress 1.5. Basically, I make my posts in BlogJet and then from the Blog Menu choose the item ‘Post as Draft’. Then I have to login to WP, click ‘Write’ and click each draft and then click publish. Yes, pain in the rear. But it works… I prefer BlogJet’s editor because it is wysiwyg without using up a lot of resources on my webserver (I’ve heard the wordpress plugins that allow for wysiwyg are very resource intensive), which is why I post from BlogJet – but the having to go and label as draft and then republish and all that may make it not worth the effort. Original post follows:

I’ve been enjoying my trial of BlogJet to make these posts to TypePad, but before I figure out whether it’s worth buying the program I needed to test it on other blogging platforms.

So I decided to start with this new WordPress powered site I’m just launching called, (which will have tons of funny pictures, quotes, and jokes when I’m done with it…partly it’s a test to see if it gets traffic as quickly as my typepad powered funny pictures site did, because I’m still wondering if typepad powered sites just seem to rank better in the search engines…I think it has a lot to do with typepad’s list of recently updated blogs..and while I’m off on this tangent, does anyone know if there’s a plug-in for wordpress that does the equivalent?) Anywhoo – back to my trials and tribulations posting to wp from blogjet — wouldn’t you know it – I can’t get the darn thing to work. It’s very bizarre, because when I create a post in BlogJet and then click to publish it to WP, the post shows up in my WP dashboard’s list of posts – yet trying to view the post brings up a 404 error. When I duplicated the post but created it from within wordpress’s own UI, the post worked fine (except for the fact that I was hosting my images on yahoo photos, so half of them aren’t even showing up – need to host my images elsewhere and maybe go for a flickr pro account..)

So has anyone else had success posting to a wordpress 1.5 blog from BlogJet? I know I’ve configured it correctly because, as I mentioned, the BlogJet posts are being listed as posts when I log in directly to wordpress, but they don’t seem to have actually been published (even though they’re labeled as such – it’s more like they’re drafts)

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