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Category Archives for "TextPattern"

New Category/Feature on How to Blog: Readers Write In

I frequently receive email from readers of How to Blog, sometimes thanking me and other times with blogging questions that they have which they hope that I can answer. In many of the latter cases, I am able to answer their questions and get them back happily blogging. But there are times when I just […]

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Save the Internet from Mob 2.0 (ISPs slowing down the loading of websites that don’t pay them protection fees)

Hi Everyone – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR BLOGGERS (and all users of the internet) Please read the following and sign the petition to preserve Network Neutrality Do you blog, buy books online, use Google, or download to an iPod? Everything we do online will be hurt if Congress passes a radical law next week […]

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WordPress and TextPattern APRIL FOOLS PRANK says they will merge to form WordPattern CMSMS

In an elaborate Aprill Fools Joke, the WordPress Development Blog announced that WordPress and TextPattern had merged and formed a new venture called WordPattern. The release notice on states, “Our respective websites are being decommisioned so it’s best to go there ( for new information”. WordPattern was being billed as “is an entirely new […]

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