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Templates for WordPress – Gemini layout, Trident layout, and The Vesuvius layout now available for download

[UPDATE FOR WORDPRESS 1.5+ and 2.0 users: check out my comprehensive list of over 615+ WordPress 1.5 themes ]

Apparently some of the most popular templates for use with WordPress 1.2 (Gemini layout, Trident layout, and The Vesuvius layout) recently became unavailable from their original sources. Craig at NuclearMoose had been kind enough to make these WordPress templates available once again for free download to the WordPress community. (Thanks Craig!!!!)

Updated 11/7/2004: NuclearMoose site no more?

Looks like Craig’s taken his site down (I’ll miss it!!), so I’m uploading the templates here in the spirit of honoring Craig’s initial intent — to keep these awesome templates freely available to the WordPress community.

Download gemini.zip (4.1K)

Download trident.zip (4.1K)

Download vesuvius.zip (4.3K)

NOTE – these templates are for WordPress 1.2.

If you’ve upgraded to Strayhorn, the latest version of WordPress (1.5), check out my comprehensive list of over 286+ WordPress 1.5 themes that I found by hunting around the blogosphere

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