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How to fix “Invalid security token” error when users try to comment

How to fix “Invalid security token” errors upon users commenting I’ve been posting more frequently lately, and was surprised that no one had commented on any of my recent posts. But then I went and tried to comment on one of my own posts and was surprised to receive an error of “Invalid security token” […]

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All of my WordPress posts disappeared! Thankfully was able to restore from backup, but very disconcerting nonetheless!

Wow – all of my wordpress posts disappeared!. Talk about a very scary experience! (UPDATE – RESOLVED!:  I was able to determine that an errant plugin was causing the repeated problems with all of my posts disapearing – deactivating and deleting this plugin stopped this problem from reoccurring) I was doing some maintenance on How […]

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WordPress Update v3.5.2 fixes 12 bugs and resolves 7 security issues

I have now updated all of my WordPress sites to 3.5.2 – all wordpress updates went smoothly. I highly recommend you update wordpress to 3.5.2 immediately Another WordPress update is out. Now we’re up to WP 3.5.2. Twelve bugs got fixed and seven security issues were resolved. HOWEVER, I would hold off a few more […]

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