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HaloScan brings TrackBack functionality to Blogger, Blogspot, and other blogging tools w/o their own commenting and trackback features

Link: News – Trackback and commenting go hand in hand, especially in the weblog community, but unfortunately, there hasn’t been an easy way for Blogger, Blogspot, Diaryland, Diary-X, iBlog, Newspro, Pitas, and many other weblog users to implement trackback capabilities until now. HaloScan fills this need by providing you not only with the (free) […]

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Feedburner service allows bloggers to add Amazon associates links to your feeds!

If you’re hoping to make some extra cash from your blog, but all of your monetized links are in your sidebars or headers, etc, then you’re losing out when people view your blog from feed readers. Not so if you use Feedburner – now you can beef up your feed to integrate links to relevant […]

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