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Welcome to the new permanent home of How to Blog, now proudly powered by WordPress

Well, it’s official! I’ve finally gone ahead and done what I’ve been wanting to do for ages now — I ported “How to Blog” from TypePad to WordPress and it now resides happily at Please update all of your bookmarks and feed subscriptions to reflect the new location! I’m very excited to have the […]

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Comparison of WordPress and TypePad by someone who has used both extensively for over a year

I am feeling really frustrated right now – like I’m stuck in limbo with a conundrum on my hands. Why? Because I’ve grown to love WordPress so much so that I really prefer it over TypePad, for an increasing number of reasons. (Please note that in this review, when I refer to WordPress, I’m talking […]

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TypePad has no pagination features (next and previous buttons at the bottom of the page) AND no way of implementing them!!

Under the category of more absolutely ridiculous things that current blogging platforms are missing the boat on, I just found out that not only does TypePad not have pagination built in, but there is NO WAY of implementing it even through advanced templates. By pagination, I mean the and buttons that many bloggers and blog […]

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