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WordPress Problem: Permalinks changed after updated to WP 3.5.2

Perhaps my WordPress update didn’t go as smoothly as I’d initially thought… Somehow, my permalinks changed of their own accord! I had always had them as a custom one of “%postname%-%post_id%.htm”, and hadn’t even noticed that my post permalinks suddenly were in the form of “/%postname%/”. Luckily, I have a 404-Error monitor plugin installed, and […]

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All of my WordPress posts disappeared! Thankfully was able to restore from backup, but very disconcerting nonetheless!

Wow – all of my wordpress posts disappeared!. Talk about a very scary experience! (UPDATE – RESOLVED!:  I was able to determine that an errant plugin was causing the repeated problems with all of my posts disapearing – deactivating and deleting this plugin stopped this problem from reoccurring) I was doing some maintenance on How […]

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WordPress Update v3.5.2 fixes 12 bugs and resolves 7 security issues

I have now updated all of my WordPress sites to 3.5.2 – all wordpress updates went smoothly. I highly recommend you update wordpress to 3.5.2 immediately Another WordPress update is out. Now we’re up to WP 3.5.2. Twelve bugs got fixed and seven security issues were resolved. HOWEVER, I would hold off a few more […]

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