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My experiences with Blogger, TypePad, Movable Type, WordPress, Blosxom, and b2evolution

I’ve decided I should create, at it’s most basic level, at least one site with each of the blogging tools. I can then better determine which is easiest to customize, as well as well as which is more feature-rich and easy to use. Then I can provide you folks with a much more informed review of the various blogging tools out there.

Obviously, my TypePad site is my How to Blog weblog that you’re reading right now. Notice how the header is truncated b/c the templates that come with TypePad don’t appear to be rendering correctly in IE6 (update – I decreased the wording in my header so this doesn’t happen because it just looks too unprofessional and I couln’t find another workaround yet). I’m not sure if this is a CSS problem, and since I don’t know much about cascading style sheets yet I haven’t mucked around too much in the TypePad templates to try to fix it. I’ll create a post on how things look in other browsers in the future.

My Movable Type blog is located at Online Travelogues, and is also a work in progress and needs serious modifications to the index page so that it only lists all of the categories and to the individual post pages, so that it doesn’t list the title of all the other posts in the sidebar (which messes up my adsense relevancy).

I’ve been testing out Blogger for my weblog about Red Eared Slider Turtles.

My 1st WordPress blog is going on my Tool Reviews site.

Blosxom and b2evolution blogs are soon to come.

Once I’ve got one of each, I can work more on the tweaking of the templates, etc, to see which will eventually be my blogging tool of choice – and also so I can better understand which features I consider to be most crucial (as mentioned many times already, we already know I can’t go with Blogger because it doesn’t currently support TrackBacks, nor is there any indication that they intend to do so anytime soon).

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