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Category Archives for "MovableType"

Comprehensive list of ping services that you can use to let the world know when you’ve updated your blog

Update Ping ServicesYou can copy and paste these URIs into your blog service ping options screen (in WordPress, you do it by choosing Options > Writing > Update Services) with each URI on its own line. In MovableType you can add these URI’s to the list of where to ping by going to your configuration […]

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My experiences with Blogger, TypePad, Movable Type, WordPress, Blosxom, and b2evolution

I’ve decided I should create, at it’s most basic level, at least one site with each of the blogging tools. I can then better determine which is easiest to customize, as well as well as which is more feature-rich and easy to use. Then I can provide you folks with a much more informed review […]

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Can a Google search help me figure out which blogging software is most popular?

I’ve already figured out that I don’t want to use TypePad or Blogger (the two easiest tools to use) for my blogs as they’re not as robust and customizable as other options such as Movable Type, b2evolution, WordPress, and blosxom for example. The problem is that all of these other tools have a decent sized […]

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