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March of the Migraines (I mean February…)

Sorry that it’s been ages since my last post, and I haven’t been as good as I’d like about responding to e-mails, but this past month has sucked royally as I’ve been getting migraines almost every other day (which I’m going to start a separate blog about when time permits…)

The good news is that I saw a neurologist at UCSF and I officially do not have a brain tumor (thank God!)

The bad news is that I do suffer from classic migraines, which have been increasing in frequency and severity lately (grrr) and while my doctor prescribed some preventative migraine medications to try, get this: possible side effects of the preventative migraine medications are… MIGRAINES (I have to laugh about it because otherwise I’ll just cry). Needless to say, the first preventative medicine that I tried (Norvasc) was clearly causing me to have more migraines, so I’m now trying preventative medicine number two (Verapamil), but you can only take a half dose for the first 10 days as your system gets used to it (during which time I got plenty of migraines– Joy), and then you can ramp up to the full effective dose. So far I’m on day 13, and am keeping my fingers crossed (it’s been two days without a migraine!!). wish me luck.

More to come later..

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