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How to use TrackBack

From TypePad’s help (which, by the way, was not helpful in defining what a TrackBack is until you delve further into how to send a TrackBack)

Sending a TrackBack When you send a TrackBack ping, a link to your post and an excerpt of the post is displayed in the TrackBack section of the receiving site. This directs readers to visit your site to read more.

There are a few different ways to send a TrackBack ping:

Sending a TrackBack ping using QuickPost
First, configure the QuickPost bookmarklet by Setting Up TypePad QuickPost if you haven’t yet already. Select the TrackBack items for display on your QuickPost entry form.

Then, follow the steps for Using the QuickPost Bookmarklet to create a new post using QuickPost.

When composing your post, at the bottom of the QuickPost entry form, you will have a pull-down menu to “Select an entry to send a TrackBack ping to”. Use this menu to choose the post you would like to ping.

The TrackBack ping will send when you save the post.

TrackBack Auto-Discovery
With auto-discovery, TypePad will look for any links in your weblog post and determine if those links are TrackBack-enabled. If they are, TypePad will automatically send TrackBack pings to those sites.

TrackBack auto-discovery will be added to TypePad in a future update.

Sending a TrackBack from the Post Page
First, set the “TrackBack URLs to Ping” box to display on your post page by Customizing the Post Page Display.

Now, find the TrackBack URL on the page you would like to ping. Note: The TrackBack Ping URL is not the permalink for an entry, it is the special TrackBack URL for the entry.

Paste the TrackBack URL into the “Send a TrackBack to these addresses” field on your post page. You can paste more than one URL, separated by carriage returns.

The TrackBack ping will send when you save the post.

I’m guessing that instead of using the trackback link to LINK to a post, you use the post’s PERMALINK to link to it, and then in your own post you can choose to Send a TrackBack to these addresses, wherein you paste the trackback addresses. In order to even see this option, you must be using the advanced options in TypePad’s Compose a New Post.

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