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Hey! Wasn’t WordPress 1.5.2 supposed to have FASTER posting times???

So I finally installed WP 1.5.2 over at a blog that I’m starting about DIY Pool Maintenance. The release notes say that one of the bugs fixed in this version is slow posting times from when a post is held up by a ping that’s taking a long time. The post was supposed to be seperated from the pinging process.

Right? Isn’t that what you took it to mean in fix for long post times – move pings to shutdown?

Well, holy cow is it taking a long time for my posts to finish saving.

I edited the post a couple times and even changed where I was pinging, but damn if it didn’t take a looooooooooong time to post.

So long that I started it inspired me to write this TypePad post and I got as far as ‘holy cow’ before WP finished posting my post. What the? Instead of posting faster, it seems slower to me. Anyone else experiencing this with the latest version of WordPress?

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