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Does anybody else wish that TypePad had a better method for selecting multiple categories?

Is it just me or is it incredibly annoying that whenever your TypePad post spans more than one category, you have to first choose ‘Assign Multiple Categories’ from the drop-down box, only to have a window pop-up (which may be blocked by your popup blocker — if so, try holding down the ctrl key whilst clicking ‘assign multiple categories) in which you can then use the ctrl or shift keys to highlight multiple categories.

Maybe I’m being petty, but every single one of my posts falls into multiple categories, and I absolutely hate having to go through this tedious extra step of popping open a new window in order to ctrl-click on the categories. Unnecessary extra steps in user interfaces bug me – especially when its a feaure I use regularly. I sure wish TypePad could handle categories with the grace that WordPress does. Just check the checkboxes along the right side of the screen for each pertinent category and you’re good to go. (Nevermind the bonus that WordPress allows you to have subcategories).

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