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Customizing existing wordpress themes continued

Sorry for the delay in getting this out there, but Urban Giraffe has come through again and given us even more tools in the quest to modifying wordpress themes to better suit the desired look and feel of your site.

Check out part two of Dissection of a WordPress Theme:

‘Part two of this WordPress dissection continues to try and explain
the basic workings of the software, how this relates to the layout, and
how anyone can personalise their blog.

The focus will be on
finalising the basic layout from part one, and then finishing the
header and footer sections. Both of these are important as they
stylistically define a blog and act as visual focal points – do it well
and people will want to read your blog, do it badly and they may not
even bother.’

And when you’ve digested that, be sure to finish with Dissection of a WP Theme Part 3:

‘This part will focus on the sidebar, the navigational centre of a blog, and flesh out its raw contents to be more functional and attractive.

sidebar is where a visitor first looks when they have finished reading
a blog posting. It tells them what else your blog has to offer, how to
find it, and where to go next. It can be a great aid in directing
visitors, or it can confuse them entirely. A confused visitor is not
likely to return and so we should persuade them to stay as long as

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