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Comprehensive list of ping services that you can use to let the world know when you’ve updated your blog

Update Ping Services
You can copy and paste these URIs into your blog service ping options screen (in WordPress, you do it by choosing Options > Writing > Update Services) with each URI on its own line. In MovableType you can add these URI’s to the list of where to ping by going to your configuration settings for notifications.

While TypePad doesn’t officially support customizing pings, there is a workaround, albeit a bit tedious – simply paste the list of URI’s into the box entitled ‘Send a TrackBack to these addresses’ in the edit post screen (yes, this means you need to do this for each and every post you create). If you don’t see the field for sending trackbacks, make sure you’re using the advanced or custom post editor by clicking the link on the create/edit post page entitled, ‘Customize the display of this page’ (it’s below the preview and save buttons).

Not surprisingly, Blogger doesn’t support customizing of pings and since they don’t support trackbacks either, I haven’t figured out a way to get this working on Blogger. I don’t yet have b2evolution or Blosxom blogs installed yet, so I’ve no idea whether they support pings or allow you to customize them..

Anyhow, here’s my comprehensive list of ping services to ping to tell them that you’ve updated your blog:

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