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Blogger now supports uploading of images

“We’ve just launched Blogger Images. So now you can include photos and images in your posts. Just click the new picture icon and you can upload an image from your computer or from the web. Try it out!”

This is a great step in the right direction for Blogger, as users will now be able to have multiple images within the body of a single post, rather than 1 image per post as was required with Picasa and Hello Bloggerbot.

Still need categories and trackbacks before it is a truly competitive blogging platform – you listening Google?

(BTW, I’m sorry for the lack of posts and updates to this blog as of late. My fiance lost his job last month so I’ve been working my butt off just trying to make my mortgage payments and haven’t been able to give “How to Blog” as much attention as I’d like to or it deserves. Wish us luck with getting our feet back on the ground financially so I can breathe a little easier and get back to writing about How to Blog!)

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