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Alex King announces winners of WordPress 1.5 Themes Competition

For full details, head on over to Alex’s Theme Contest Winners Announced where he describes the prizes, judging criteria, etc. Thanks again, Alex, for hosting such an amazing contest which has truly brought out the creative energy of some very talented authors. And many thanks to all the theme authors – you’re a big part of why the WordPress community as special as it is!

For those of you who just want the down and dirty details, here are the winners for the various categories

The Poobahs!

  1. Grand PoobahConnections
  2. Plain Ol’ PoobahRin
  3. Mini PoobahRed Train

Most Creative Design

  1. Head (in a very close race)

Random Draw Prize Winners

Pixel Perfect Design Prize Winner

Most Versatile Design

Global Appeal Prize Winner

Most like a Paper Diary Prize Winner

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