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Adding pictures to Blogger and Blogspot just got easier thanks to “Hello BloggerBot”

It’s been a while since I played around with Blogger, so I created another new account where I could post all of the truly funny pictures, stories, etc that get forwarded to me so that I could share them with everyone w/o clogging up folks’ inboxes (warning – some of these jokes are dirty or political in ways that some might find offensive instead of funny – visit at your own risk as your sense of humor may different from mine).

Much to my surprise, when I clicked the button to post a picture, I got the following message:

Blogger does not directly provide image hosting, although you are welcome to include any images in your blog if you have them stored online elsewhere. However:

Once you have an image online, you can include it in either your template or in a specific post by typing in the following tag: . Just replace the URL here with the actual URL of your image.

My first reaction was — what?!?!? How can Blogger not host images? Yes, some blogs are text only, but most people are going to want to add photos to their blogs. And since Blogger is targeted towards those who aren’t necessarily the most tech-savvy out there, asking them to type in HTML tags and find a place to store their images is just ridiculous.

But then I checked out Hello BloggerBot – and while it’s still nowhere near as simple or elegant as adding images to TypePad is, it’s a workaround that’ll have to do for now – and, like Blogger, it’s free. Problem is, you have to provide a caption for each and every photo, and upload them one at a time to Blogger. And each photo is considered its own post. Not exactly what I was going for.

UPDATE: I gave up on using Blogger to host my Funny Pictures blog, and moved it to TypePad. Ahhh…much better

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