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Just who is Emily Robbins?

Emily Robbins SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Keyword Research, and DomainsI’m 44 and live in Austin, TX with my amazing fiance Brian Kesselring and our kids: black lab Leeloo and cats Oliver, and Maggie (RIP Lily…you were the BEST dog ever!)

Having grown up on Long Island (in the dreaded “Five Towns”, no less), I fled as quickly as possible (college). Went to Middlebury College in Vermont – (class of 93, BA in Mathematics). Loved it there, but felt the need for city living without the rush rush rush of NYC, and my love of computers and mild weather landed me in San Francisco.  I moved there in 1993 without ever having visited but with high hopes that it would be the right place for me. As it turned out, it was one of  the best things I ever did – I spent 12 years in SF, then moved to the gorgeous Oakland Hills in Feb 2005, ultimately ending up in the Bay Area for 15 years — I really loved it there!

In 2008, I fled an abusive marriage (phew!) and moved to Raleigh to be near my family, who I love dearly.  My parents had retired there about a year before I got there, and then my adorable nephews Jacob and Joseph followed soon after. I had previously tried for years to convince my family to move to California, but since it’s not what any sane person would call affordable living for the retired, ultimately I caved and moved back east (plus it was the only way to get rid of the ex).

Other than being near my family, I *loathed* North Carolina.  But my move there was meant to be because when I agreed to go on my first ever blind date, I met my wonderful and loving fiance who is truly my soulmate – we were made for each other!  Ironically, he had also lived in San Francisco and Oakland for 14 years, most of which overlapped the time I’d lived there.  While we were even at a tiny SF concert at the same time (he even remembers seeing me), we never met until we were both in NC (he’d moved there to build his mom’s dream house).  From that night on we we’ve been joined at the hip – he is the best friend I have ever had and I am madly in love with him. Having realized our purpose for living in NC had clearly been served, it was time to relocate to someplace more fitting for us.  In October 2011 we moved to the amazing world of Austin, TX in a fabulous neighborhood called Wells Branch (we have absolutely the BEST neighbors).  I cannot express in words how much I love Austin – it felt like home the moment we arrived.

I feel really blessed b/c the universe has guided me to where I am now.

After working crazy hours as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer for Borland International on a really cool database reporting and query tool (ReportSmith), I ended up with RSI (repetitive strain injury) which put me on disability for over a year, left me with multiple level disc damage in my cervical spine in addition to bilateral ulnar neuritis, and limited the amount of time (esp. continual time) that I could spend on the computer. After realizing I didn’t want to stop working with computers, but that I was unhirable with the amount of breaks I’d need to take and days off I’d need during flare-ups, the special ergonomic setup I would need, as well the difficulty of using voice recognition software in a cubicle environment, I decided to just dive in and try and make a go of things on my own.  What a brilliant move that was!

Now I’m self-employed (since 1996) doing Affiliate Marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Domaining and am the queen of finding the best keywords and phrases to drive the most traffic to any site. Almost right away I was earning several multiples of my former income while working less hours than I did for ‘the man’. I now work from the comfort of a Lazy Boy (don’t see many of those at the office), absolutely love the freedom of being my own boss and don’t miss the corporate rate race one bit!

In an effort to find some balance in my life, I recently decided to indulge my creative side (which has had a firm grip on me since childhood) and create a second business painting custom pet portraits.   Let me know if you would like to commission me to paint a portrait of your pet!

If I could be anywhere right now, I’d be underwater somewhere tropical and warm with my phenomenal fiancé Brian, snorkeling happily with a couple of sea turtles and surrounded by glorious brightly colored fish everywhere…  Perhaps our next move will be to Australia…

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and if you are on my site it is likely because I can help you with yours!

Email emily (at) emilyrobbins.com or call me at 512-522-9415.


  1. Hi Emily,

    I’m writing because I have a new travel website. I’d like to get pricing for keyword research for low competition, good demand, profitable keywords. Let me know if you need for me to answer any questions so you can provide a quote. Thank you!

  2. Konstantin says:

    Dear Emily, Hello
    I see site post are outdated, are you still around?
    I wonder if you can give me an interview about affiliate marketing?

  3. Hi Konstantin,

    Yes, I’m still around! I haven’t had much time to blog as I’ve been slammed with contract work and affiliate marketing. Thank you for the request to interview me – what site would the interview be for? I’d be honored to be interviewed, but it would have to wait until sometime after the New Year as this is my busiest time of year. I also first owe an interview to Josh of ThirstyAffiliates, who has been patiently waiting for far too long.

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