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OK, I still haven’t had an opportunity to install WordPress 1.5 (I’m still on 1.2). Why haven’t I made it a priority? Because as easy as it was to install WordPress 1.2, it was ridiculously difficult to modify the templates it used. There are lots of other people’s pre-built templates that you can easily download and use. But they’re almost all two-column layouts. And from what I’ve been reading about 1.5, there still doesn’t exist a good template set for three column layouts. Update – I’ve installed WordPress 1.5 (it’s just as easy as 1.2 and looks a lot nicer), and am putting together a list of all 3 column layout themes and templates that I can find for WordPress 1.5, so be sure to bookmark this page as it will be regularly updated as I find new three-column WordPress 1.5 themes.

WordPress is great because it is so customizable, but that’s also what makes it so difficult – and apparently, the more ‘plug-ins’ or hacks you’ve done with your install, the harder it is to upgrade. The steep learning curve has (for now) prevented me from dabbling more with WordPress and with customizing templates.

Does anyone know of a great three column layout theme/template for v1.5 of WordPress??? If so, please post a link to it in the comments section! Thanks

UPDATE: Neuro has updated Root’s Trident 3-column layout for WordPress 1.5 themes – thanks Neuro!

Update 3/15/04: From Alex King’s WordPress 1.5 Themes contest, a few more three column layouts:

update 3/17: I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of over 615+ WordPress 1.5 and 2.0 themes that I found by hunting around the blogosphere, so if you’re looking for a new theme for your wordpress site, be sure to check out that post, which I’ll be updating it regularly as new themes become available.

5 thoughts on “WordPress 1.5 Themes / Templates for three column layouts

  1. I’ve only very recently decided to start blogging. After a lot of fiddling around with MT, I installed WordPress, and I’m generally impressed with its ease of use. I, too, am looking for a decent three column template, something with light colors, and I want one that auto-resizes to your screen width rather than a fixed 770.

  2. neuro – so sorry for miscrediting your theme update – I’ve fixed it in the post.

    And good luck winning the theme contest over at Alex King’s site. Your devenir en gris is the best three column theme I’ve seen for WordPress thus far!

  3. On a side note it seems a bit much to take a design credit for adding a couple of 1.5 upgrade thingys. More substantively are you ready for the next generation of super cool 3 to 2 column switching templates? Mine is in dev on my blog.

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