All of my WordPress posts disappeared! Thankfully was able to restore from backup, but very disconcerting nonetheless!

Wow – all of my wordpress posts disappeared!. Talk about a very scary experience!

UPDATE РRESOLVED!:  Thanks to the tech team at Hostgator, I was able to determine that an errant plugin was causing the repeated problems with all of my posts disapearing Рdeactivating and deleting this plugin stopped this problem from reoccurring

I was doing some maintenance on How to Blog, and deactivated the Subscribe2 plugin as well as the Subscribe To Comments plugin I had been using as they are no longer necessary since Jetpack has both of those functions built into it.. I then went into Appearance | Widgets in my dashboard and dragged the ‘Blog Subscriptions (Jetpack)’ widget to the top of my sidebar and configured it. Then I dragged the “Top Posts and Pages (Jetpack)’ widget to the bottom of my sidebar and configured it.

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New Category/Feature on How to Blog: Readers Write In

I frequently receive email from readers of How to Blog, sometimes thanking me and other times with blogging questions that they have which they hope that I can answer. In many of the latter cases, I am able to answer their questions and get them back happily blogging. But there are times when I just don’t know the answer. So, I have decided to post the support questions that I receive that I cannot help with on How to Blog to see if any of the blog’s readers can help each other out!

I already posted the first Reader Question regarding a problem after a WordPress upgrade.. I hope that you guys are able to help out on that one b/c I’m clueless.

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Comprehensive list of 980+ Free WordPress Themes / Templates available for download

(Now listing 981 WordPress Themes available for download!)

Themes that support sidebar widgets are labeled as: includes wordpress widgets support

WordPress 1.5+ uses a system that takes the template to the next level –WordPress themes. Not only are there many wordpress themes which are freely available to download and use in your own blog, but you can use Ryan Boren’s ThemeSwitcher plugin to allow your weblog visitors to change your blog’s wordpress theme on the fly (which is pretty darn cool) (and yes, the ThemeSwitcher does work with WordPress 1.5+ even tho it was originally designed for 1.3)

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