The latest version of WordPress is 3.5.1 – make sure to upgrade NOW!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I’ve had some family emergencies that I’ve been dealing with and obviously got very behind in posting.

The most current version of WordPress is 3.5.1 and I strongly urge all of you to upgrade any and all of your WordPress installations immediately. If you are already on WP 3.0+, you should be able to do a one-click upgrade from within your WordPress Dashboard.

As always, backup your database before upgrading! I recommend using the WordPress Database Backup plugin.

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WordPress 2.8 is out – bugs fixed and features added, sweet!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that WordPress 2.8 is now available.

As a reminder, I always advise readers to wait just a few days before upgrading, as sometimes WP has a habit of releasing an update that breaks things and requires you to install yet another update shortly after that to fix everything…in other words, sometimes some big bugs slip through (not always, though). So just waiting a few extra days before upgrading and finding out whether this is, in fact, a stable release is usually a good idea. I will keep you posted on word from the wordpress community and when I think it’s safe to do the upgrade. If you’re using WordPress 2.7.1, the fantastic news is that you can actually upgrade WP from your dashboard automatically when you’re ready — just don’t forget to backup your database beforehand icon smile WordPress 2.8 is out   bugs fixed and features added, sweet!

While I did say to wait a few days, once it’s clear WordPress 2.8 is stable then, like other updates, it is crucial that you upgrade all of your WordPress installations (but first check to make sure that any of your “MUST HAVE” plugins are compatible with the new version and then weigh the pros and cons. These updates are critical – they generally not only FIX existing bugs (this release fixes 790 bugs!), but they almost always include security enhancements — these are something you need as it is never okay to go around with an old version of WordPress that it turns out can be hacked. Major updates often have new features that you will want, as well.

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WordPress upgrade renders a reader’s post slugs unchangable and permalinks stuck in default format despite custom settings

Can you help my reader, Steven, who wrote in to me with the following problem?

I have recently upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1 from 2.6.

I was creating pages with wp 2.6. Underneath the post title was displayed the “url” or permalink, and I could edit and customize it any way I liked.

Now with wp 2.7.1, no matter what I enter in the page slug box, my new pages’ permalinks are always in the default format, ie the ugly permalinks with the numeric ids (despite that my permalink settings are set to ‘custom’). The old pages created with wp 2.6 are unaffected.

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