Premium WordPress Themes Cyber Bundle from Mojo Themes major disappointment so far!

I received an email just before the holidays from my web host, Hostgator, offering a special limited-time only Cyber Bundle of 13 premium WordPress themes from Mojo Themes for $29 – WP themes that purportedly are worth $608.  Sounded like a great deal, so I figured I’d jump on it, even though I didn’t have time to research the quality of the specific themes, or their provider, Mojo Themes.  After paying, I was sent to a download page wherein I ran into my first hiccup – one of the themes, Frisco, gave a “Cannot load page” error every time I attempted to download it.  Not off to a good start.  I emailed support, and they were quick to get back to me (just under 2 hours), letting me know that, “We are currently working to resolve the issue with the download on this theme.” – and they attached the WP theme to their email.

Now that I’ve had my first opportunity to get back to work after the holidays, my second problem arose:  I wasn’t at my desktop PC where I’d originally downloaded the MOJO wordpress themes – I was on my new (YAY!) MacBook Pro, so in order to install the themes I would need to download them from the member area to my laptop. Only problem was, I couldn’t remember my password.  So I clicked the ‘Lost Password’ button, entered my username, waited for the email to arrive and then clicked on the link provided to me to reset my password, only to get a page with an Error Code of 400, and a page that said simply, “Oops. You done broke’d it now, travis. I’ll go call the plumber.”  Seriously???  So I submitted another support request a few hours ago, which I haven’t heard back from yet.

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WordPress 2.9.1 is the current latest version

I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted and I’m so sorry for that. Life has kept me constantly busy and I haven’t been able to tend to How to Blog nearly as often as I’d like. I did want to make sure everyone knew that the latest version of WordPress is currently 2.9.1 – make sure to upgrade!

I do intend to write a few posts soon, including info about some of the really cool wordpress plugins I’ve recently stumbled across.

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New Category/Feature on How to Blog: Readers Write In

I frequently receive email from readers of How to Blog, sometimes thanking me and other times with blogging questions that they have which they hope that I can answer. In many of the latter cases, I am able to answer their questions and get them back happily blogging. But there are times when I just don’t know the answer. So, I have decided to post the support questions that I receive that I cannot help with on How to Blog to see if any of the blog’s readers can help each other out!

I already posted the first Reader Question regarding a problem after a WordPress upgrade.. I hope that you guys are able to help out on that one b/c I’m clueless.

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WordPress upgrade renders a reader’s post slugs unchangable and permalinks stuck in default format despite custom settings

Can you help my reader, Steven, who wrote in to me with the following problem?

I have recently upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1 from 2.6.

I was creating pages with wp 2.6. Underneath the post title was displayed the “url” or permalink, and I could edit and customize it any way I liked.

Now with wp 2.7.1, no matter what I enter in the page slug box, my new pages’ permalinks are always in the default format, ie the ugly permalinks with the numeric ids (despite that my permalink settings are set to ‘custom’). The old pages created with wp 2.6 are unaffected.

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