New version of WordPress released


WordPress 1.5, code named Strayhorn, has officially been released.

I haven’t had a chance to try an install or an upgrade yet, but will obviously post a review at that time. Word on the street though says its an improvement to v1.2.

You can check out the WordPress 1.5 Announcement yourself for full details, but the biggest changes are touted to be:

  • no more coment/trackback spam, with a new and easier interface for managing thousands of comments and trackbacks
  • the ability to manage your entire site (not just your blog) through wordpress, with a new ‘page’ feature for standalone old fashioned html pages
  • ‘an incredibly flexible theme system’ that allows you to, among other things, have different templates for each category if you want to
  • better interface for installing plugins
  • even sleeker, faster code

update: I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of over 115+ WordPress 1.5 themes that I found by hunting around the blogosphere, so if you’re looking for a new theme for your wordpress 1.5 site, be sure to check out that post, which I’ll be updating as new themes become available.

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