Fix for Jetpack Publicize to FaceBook Page Problem


WordPress plugin Jetpack publicize to FaceBook Page broken

I’ve been having trouble for the last few weeks getting a few of my blogs to connect to my FaceBook pages using the popular WordPress plugin, Jetpack. Every time that I would configure Jetpack to publicize to Facebook, it would not give me the option of selecting any of my facebook pages – and I didn’t want these posts going onto my personal facebook profile.

A quick search revealed that MANY users are experiencing this problem getting Jetpack to Publicize to their FaceBook Pages. The bad news is that this is a known bug. The good news is that a fix is on the way, perhaps as early as next Monday.

For those who can’t wait until then, wordpress jetpack developers have made a beta version of the Jetpack plug-in available which has the fix built into it. Just keep in mind that the reason it’s a beta version is that they haven’t finished all of their testing.. Another workaround is to apply “the fix” they came up with by modifying your publicize-jetpack.php code per these instructions.

Or you can look for an alternative wordpress plugin that will publicize to your facebook page like Wordbooker.

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