Comprehensive list of 980+ Free WordPress Themes / Templates available for download


(Now listing 981 WordPress Themes available for download!)

Themes that support sidebar widgets are labeled as: includes wordpress widgets support

WordPress 1.5+ uses a system that takes the template to the next level –WordPress themes. Not only are there many wordpress themes which are freely available to download and use in your own blog, but you can use Ryan Boren’s ThemeSwitcher plugin to allow your weblog visitors to change your blog’s wordpress theme on the fly (which is pretty darn cool) (and yes, the ThemeSwitcher does work with WordPress 1.5+ even tho it was originally designed for 1.3)

Since I had to search all over the place to try to find WordPress templates (er, themes), I figured I’d save you all the time and maintain a list here of every single WordPress Theme I could find. I also tried to specify the rare WordPress themes with a three column layout. Make sure to bookmark this page, as I’ll be updating it regularly as more free wordpress themes become available.

Tremendous thanks to the authors who spent so much time putting together these wonderful WordPress themes. If you have (or know of) WordPress themes that I’ve missed, please email them to howtoblog (at) or leave a comment about it. (Same goes if your theme is listed here and you want it removed).

NOTE: This comprehensive list of free WordPress Themes (as well as all of my posts on ) is protected under copyright laws and MAY NOT be reprinted without permission. I have spent over 100 hours thus far in creating, maintaining and updating this list, and will not tolerate those who attempt to steal it!

And now, without further ado, I present the (biggest?) list of over 980 free WordPress Themes for v1.5.x and up:

  1. 11:05 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  2. 12 Apostle
  3. 15n41n1
  4. 2.Light
  5. 2cDarkGrey
  6. 2cGreen
  7. 2cOrange
  8. 2Exquisite REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  9. 3c-Black-LetterHead 3 column wordpress theme
  10. 3K2 3 column wordpress theme 3 column version of K2
  11. 3some REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ 3 column wordpress theme
  12. 5ThirtyOne Foliage tested with WordPress 2.0
  13. 80.1
  14. 82
  15. 8 Crazy Nights 3 column wordpress theme
  16. A Better Way to Clean
  17. A Blog Beyond 3 column wordpress theme
  18. A New Spring
  19. AAA Summer Jam NEW
  20. Aalglatt
  21. Abduction
  22. Abstrakt tested with WordPress 2.0
  23. Absrakt 3 column tested with WordPress 2.0 Has wordpress widgets support 3 column wordpress theme
  24. AC-Nucleus
  25. Accidental Khaki 3 column wordpress theme
  26. Aclide
  27. Ads Minded NEW tested with WordPress 2.0 3 column wordpress theme
  28. Ads Minded – Wide Version NEW tested with WordPress 2.0 3 column wordpress theme
  29. Adsense Ready Three Column 3 column wordpress theme
  30. Adventure
  31. Aesthetic 3 column wordpress theme tested with WordPress 2.0
  32. Aesthetic Azure 3 column wordpress theme
  33. Aidens Theme
  34. Akhdian tested with WordPress 2.0
  35. Afterglow
  36. Against It All
  37. AjaxContempt
  38. AjaxRegulus
  39. Akua
  40. Ala Moana
  41. Alamo For Hearty Texans
  42. Alice Blue
  43. All About Flowers
  44. Almost Spring tested with WordPress 2.0
  45. Almost Spring v1.3 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  46. Almodovar
  47. ALPHA for Churches
  48. Alpine REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  49. Alternate 0
  50. Altitude
  51. Ambiru
  52. Amsterdam Nights tested with WordPress 2.0
  53. anarchy
  54. And Black Met White tested with WordPress 2.0
  55. And Black Met White II tested with WordPress 2.0
  56. Angel
  57. Angelical
  58. Anthosia tested with WordPress 2.0
  59. Anthosia2 NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  60. Anthosia3c NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support 3 column wordpress theme
  61. Antique-Modern
  62. Anthology REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  63. Anthurium Mix tested with WordPress 2.0
  64. Aplus
  65. AquaFluid tested with WordPress 2.0
  66. Aquarium NEW tested with WordPress 2.0
  67. Archway 3 column wordpress theme
  68. Artsemerging tested with WordPress 2.0
  69. Arzel XT2
  70. Audyasha
  71. AukerTheme
  72. Autumn
  73. Autumn (by Jennifer)
  74. Autumn II
  75. Automatic Midnight
  76. Back in Black
  77. Back in Black 2 no longer only black, now supports 5 different colors
  78. Banana Smoothie
  79. Barthelme REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  80. Baruson Mini Valley
  81. basic
  82. Basic Seriom
  83. Batavia 1.5 tested with WordPress 2.0
  84. Be Nice tested with WordPress 2.0
  85. Beach
  86. Beach House
  87. Beast Blog
  88. The Beauty Within 3 column wordpress theme
  89. Beeblebrox
  90. Benevolence
  91. BETA NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support 3 column wordpress theme
  92. Bionic Jive 3 column wordpress theme
  93. Binary BlueREQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  94. Blackblood NEW
  95. Black-LetterHead
  96. Black LetterHead Three Columns 3 column wordpress theme
  97. Black Gloss tested with WordPress 2.0
  98. Black Gloss Tabs
  99. Blasé tested with WordPress 2.0
  100. blaxblog 3 column wordpress theme REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  101. Biru Manteb V2
  102. Blindigo
  103. Blix
  104. Blocked
  105. Blocky
  106. BLOG.TXT REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  107. blogtimes
  108. Bloo
  109. Blook tested with WordPress 2.0 if you want your “blog to start at the beginning and end at the end”
  110. Bosa
  111. BloxPress Beta
  112. Blow Yo’ Mind, Man
  113. Blucrome
  114. Bluecube
  115. Blue Clouds V2
  116. Blue Curves
  117. Blue Horizon tested with WordPress 2.0 includes wordpress widgets support
  118. Blue House
  119. Blue Kino tested with WordPress 2.0
  120. Blue Leaves REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  121. Blue Leaves V2
  122. Blue Mountain
  123. Blue Radiant 3 column wordpress theme
  124. Blue Tech
  125. Blueberry Boat
  126. Blue-Bye-You
  127. Bon Voyage
  128. Borderline Chaos tested with WordPress 2.0
  129. Boredom!
  130. Boredum
  131. Borobudur
  132. Bosa
  133. Boxy But Gold
  134. BoxyBlue
  135. Brajeshwar v7.0 3 column wordpress theme
  136. Branches
  137. Bricks 3 column wordpress theme (download here)
  138. Bright
  139. Brushed Simple
  140. Burnfield Dark
  141. Business
  142. c3ro fire
  143. c3ro silence
  144. Cameron Moll Grunge Mix
  145. Cartoon Love
  146. Categories
  147. Central Industrial 3 column wordpress theme
  148. Cereal Port
  149. ChaoticSoul
  150. Channing REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  151. Cherry Berry
  152. Cherry Blossom
  153. ChinaRed
  154. ChipShot NEW
  155. Chocolate Bar
  156. Chocolate Candy
  157. Choices V.2 (Theme Builder)
  158. Chrome
  159. Chuck A Wobbly
  160. Citrus
  161. City Bridge
  162. Clasikue
  163. Classic Beauty
  164. CleanBlue
  165. CleanBreeze
  166. Clean Look
  167. Clean Slate
  168. ClearBlue
  169. Click designed specifically for photobloggers/photoblogging – requires plugins
  170. Cloudy
  171. Clueless
  172. Cnnesque
  173. Cocoa Stripes
  174. Coffee Cup tested with WordPress 2.0
  175. Coffee Time
  176. Coldplay NEW
  177. Collage Effect 3 column wordpress theme
  178. Complicated
  179. Conestoga Street
  180. Connections tested with WordPress 2.0
  181. Connections Reloaded tested with WordPress 2.0 includes wordpress widgets support
  182. Contempt
  183. Converse
  184. Conzep
  185. Copacetix
  186. Copperleaf Plus
  187. Corkboard
  188. Corporate Look 3 column wordpress theme
  189. Corporate Play
  190. Corporate Pro
  191. Correspondence
  192. Craving for Green REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  193. Crimson Milk
  194. Crimson Sunrise
  195. Crisp and Clean
  196. Crop Circles
  197. Cub Reporter
  198. Cup O’ Joe
  199. Curtains Up
  200. Cutie in Any Color
  201. Cutie in Orange NEW
  202. Cutie in Red NEW
  203. D3S1GN ON3
  204. Daisy Rae Gemini
  205. Dancing Woman
  206. Dapit Hapon REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  207. DarkPad
  208. Dark Maple
  209. Dark Night tested with WordPress 2.0
  210. Darkfall
  211. Dash of Cinnamon
  212. Day Dream REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  213. Deep Blue
  214. Deficient 3 column wordpress theme
  215. Deichnetz
  216. Delusions
  217. DescentBrown
  218. Descent Green
  219. Desert Theme
  220. Devenir En Gris 3 column wordpress theme
  221. DFire NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  222. Dimension 2k
  223. Dimension 2k Green
  224. Dingle NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  225. Disconnected tested with WordPress 2.0 includes wordpress widgets support
  226. Dixie Belle
  227. Dirt REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  228. Dog Blog
  229. Dollars Theme
  230. Don’t Panic
  231. Don’t Ride With Hitler!
  232. Double Header 3 column wordpress theme
  233. Dragonfly
  234. Drive Theme
  235. Drunkey Love tested with WordPress 2.0
  236. DS Blog
  237. Duaempat
  238. Duct Tape Kids
  239. Durable REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  240. Dusk
  241. Dusk v1.2 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  242. DXX
  243. East View
  244. Echo 6
  245. Eclectic
  246. egoSconnesso[dot]net 3 column wordpress theme
  247. Electric Brown
  248. Electricity
  249. Elegant
  250. Elegant Blue
  251. Elvgren
  252. Emerson REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  253. Emire
  254. Enlightened
  255. Ensellitis
  256. equiX
  257. Executive Pro
  258. Express Yourself
  259. Exquisite
  260. Extra! Extra
  261. f3Green3 column wordpress theme
  262. fBlue
  263. fDawn
  264. fGala
  265. fGreen
  266. fHeaven
  267. fMulti
  268. fNice
  269. fOrange
  270. fScreen
  271. fSimple
  272. fSpring NEW tested with WordPress 2.0 includes wordpress widgets support
  273. fSubtle
  274. fTiny
  275. Fading Flowers
  276. Faintly Victorian 3 column wordpress theme
  277. Fall-In-Love 3 column wordpress theme
  278. Falling
  279. Falling Dreams
  280. Falling Dreams 2.0 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  281. Falling Leaves
  282. Fastlane
  283. FastTrack tested with WordPress 2.0
  284. Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti 3 column wordpress theme
  285. Festive
  286. Fighting the Darkness
  287. FireFox Theme
  288. Flawless Imperfection
  289. Fleur De Lys tested with WordPress 2.0
  290. Flex
  291. Flippin’ Sweet!
  292. Fluidity tested with WordPress 2.0 3 column wordpress theme
  293. FlyHigher
  294. FlyHigher 2.0
  295. Foliage Mod tested with WordPress 2.0
  296. Follow Me
  297. ForumED
  298. Foundation 3 column wordpress theme
  299. Framefake Theme
  300. Fresh 3 column wordpress theme
  301. Fresh Bananas
  302. Frusti
  303. Fundamental
  304. Funny Pictures
  305. G-S Theme
  306. GanjaPress
  307. Garden Log
  308. Gemini
  309. Gemini Black
  310. Gemini Blue
  311. Gemini Colored
  312. Gemini Green
  313. Gemini Pink
  314. Gemini Purple
  315. Gemini Red
  316. Gemini Tan
  317. Gemini Yellow
  318. Generic Unicol NEW
  319. Genesis
  320. Gentle Calm
  321. Gespaa
  322. Gespaa Theme Two Columns
  323. Gila 3 column wordpress theme
  324. Gila Lime 3 column wordpress theme
  325. Ginseng Coffee
  326. Giraffe
  327. Girl in Green
  328. Girls-Suck
  329. Glass People tested with WordPress 2.0
  330. Glyph
  331. Golden Grey Theme
  332. Goldie Purple REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  333. Gossip Box (a wordpress theme designed to resemble MSN messenger)
  334. Got The Blues NEW
  335. GR 1.2
  336. Graffiti NEW
  337. Grass Template 1.5 3 column wordpress theme
  338. Gray and Pink
  339. Gray is Beautiful v2
  340. Gray Mantle 3 column wordpress theme REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  341. Green Earth 3 column wordpress theme
  342. Green Marinee
  343. Green Mountain
  344. Green River
  345. Greenbay v2 NEW
  346. Greenie
  347. Greenery
  348. Greening REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  349. GreenTrack UPDATED
  350. Green Trees
  351. Greenwood
  352. Greetz
  353. Grey and Simple
  354. Grimelda
  355. Grubby Slipcovers
  356. h4x0r (hacker)
  357. HappyBlog
  358. Head 3 column wordpress theme
  359. Headspace
  360. Hemingway
  361. Hemingway Bright tested with WordPress 2.0
  362. Hemmed requires WordPress 2.0 NEW
  363. Hemsqui
  364. Highway Tunnel Bull
  365. Hiperminimalist
  366. Holiday tested with WordPress 2.0 Multiple holiday theme, supporting 20 holidays
  367. Horizontal (this wp theme requires visitors to have javascript enabled)
  368. Husna
  369. iGreenTrack
  370. I Always Wanted to be Tenenbaum
  371. I Like Grey 3 column wordpress theme
  372. I Remember
  373. I See Frogs
  374. I’m Just a Crosshair
  375. Ice
  376. IceBlue
  377. Iconis Triple REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support 3 column wordpress theme
  378. Id Band 2 3 columns centered REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ 3 column wordpress theme
  379. Identification Bands 3 column wordpress theme UPDATED (NOTE: this theme comes in 8 flavours, with choices for 4, 3, & 2 column layouts!)
  380. Idle Time 3 column wordpress theme
  381. IkIn 1 3 column wordpress theme
  382. Illumination
  383. Imhotep
  384. Impact
  385. Impressionist
  386. In Business
  387. In3D
  388. Industrial (needs work: still in alpha form)
  389. Industry v2
  390. Internet Jobs
  391. Internet Market 3 column wordpress theme tested with WordPress 2.0
  392. Intensive 3 column wordpress theme
  393. Involution
  394. Iridium
  395. Iris
  396. Irish
  397. Isla
  398. Istrania Autumn
  399. Japanese Cherry Blossom
  400. Jakarta
  401. JDBlue REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  402. Jentri
  403. Jill Whiteclear REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  404. Jive NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  405. JohnnyBlue 3 column wordpress theme
  406. Journalized (Blue) 3 column wordpress theme
  407. Journalized (Sand) 3 column wordpress theme
  408. Journalized (Winter) 3 column wordpress theme
  409. Juicy
  410. Juicy from NEW
  411. Just A Girl 3 column wordpress theme
  412. Just A Mindset
  413. Just Dashing 3 column wordpress theme
  414. Justux
  415. K2 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  416. K2-Buttermilk beta REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  417. K2-Distorted beta REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  418. K2-Miniature beta REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  419. K2-Outbreak beta REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  420. K2 Reloaded REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  421. Kampungku
  422. Kansas City tested with WordPress 2.0
  423. Kauderwelsch
  424. Kickass-Boxes in Blue
  425. Kickass-Boxes in Gold
  426. Kickass-Boxes in Jade
  427. Kickass-Boxes in Rose
  428. Kickass-Convergence
  429. Kickass Dune
  430. Kickass-Spookyblue
  431. Kickass-Squawk! 3 column wordpress theme
  432. KISS
  433. Kisses 3 column wordpress theme
  434. Kitten Love 3 column wordpress theme
  435. Kiwi Embedded inside are a few nifty tools that give the user the freedom to change the layout structure and components without delving into the code, and make navigating the site a bit more interesting for the reader”
  436. KKP Lite REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  437. Krad
  438. Kubrick 1.5 – AllSidebar Edition
  439. Kurtina REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  440. Lack of Love
  441. LactPlate
  442. Laila 2.0 includes wordpress widgets support tested with WordPress 2.0
  443. Laila
  444. Lampadina (Lightbulb)
  445. Landzilla
  446. Last Regrets
  447. Lazy Days
  448. Leaves 3 column wordpress theme
  449. Leaves Revamped includes wordpress sidebar widgets support tested with WordPress 2.0 3 column wordpress theme
  450. Leia NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  451. Leone REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  452. Lesbar
  453. LetterHead
  454. Let Them Eat Cake!
  455. Liberated
  456. LightCMS
  457. Light Purple Mod
  458. Lime & Simple
  459. Limecat
  460. LimeLite
  461. Lines Dark Grey
  462. Linucon 2
  463. Linux Force 1.0
  464. Littleguydesigns
  465. Liquid Summer tested with WordPress 2.0
  466. Lonely Lemon
  467. Long Way
  468. Loser
  469. Love4Love 3 column wordpress theme
  470. Love and Destroy
  471. Lucid
  472. Lucky Blue
  473. Lush REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  474. Lush for wp1.5
  475. Lysergic Bliss
  476. Macaws
  477. Mallow
  478. Man~ja
  479. Manji and Manji2 (Manji2 is a two-column version of Manji.)
  480. Maple Leaf
  481. Martyr
  482. Mashed Spuds
  483. McFire
  484. McStars 3 column wordpress theme
  485. Meadow
  486. Mediocrity
  487. Mental Disorder REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  488. Mesozoic
  489. Messala
  490. Meteora
  491. Metta Red
  492. Metropolis v2
  493. Microsano 3 column wordpress theme NEW
  494. Milc
  495. Milc3 tested with WordPress 2.0
  496. Milkxt
  497. Minim8
  498. Minima Plus
  499. Minimalist Sandbox NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support 3 column wordpress theme(options for 1 and 2 columns, as well)
  500. Mint Chocolate Chip Revamped
  501. Minty Green
  502. Mint Julep
  503. Minus One
  504. Mist 3 column wordpress theme
  505. Mixed Bouquet
  506. Modern tested with WordPress 2.0
  507. Modern World
  508. Movement
  509. MTsix
  510. Mullet
  511. Museum
  512. MW
  513. MX4
  514. My Favorite Scarf 3 column wordpress theme
  515. Mystical
  516. NAN theme
  517. Narnia
  518. Nature
  519. Nautica 2.2
  520. Nautica 05 3 column wordpress theme
  521. Neptune 3 column wordpress theme
  522. Neat!
  523. Neo-Sapien NEW
  524. Neon Scribbles
  525. Neuron
  526. News
  527. News Times Theme
  528. New York, New York NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  529. New Zen REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  530. Nexus
  531. NFO Overload
  532. Nikynik
  533. Nikynik Blue NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  534. Nikynik Green NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  535. Nikynik Orange REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  536. Nikynik Red NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  537. Nine Inch Nails Black tested with WordPress 2.0
  538. Nine Inch Nails White tested with WordPress 2.0
  539. Nine Shades of Green tested with WordPress 2.0
  540. Ninja
  541. No Probs
  542. NoLimits tested with WordPress 2.0
  543. Northern Web Coders
  544. Nostalgia
  545. Notebook
  546. Number 2 v2 3 column wordpress theme
  547. Nyc
  548. Oasis
  549. Obsidian
  550. Ocadia tested with WordPress 2.0
  551. Ocadia v1.3 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  552. Ocean
  553. Off the Wall
  554. Offbeat
  555. Old School
  556. Old train
  557. OMEGA
  558. On Fire
  559. One Column
  560. OneF
  561. Online Business
  562. Operate
  563. Opus 68
  564. Orange
  565. Orange Rose
  566. OrangeScale NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  567. ORANGEflower
  568. OrangeSky tested with WordPress 2.0
  569. Orchid tested with WordPress 2.0
  570. Out of the Blue tested with WordPress 2.0 3 column wordpress theme
  571. Out There
  572. Out There Widget Edition REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  573. Oxymod
  574. Painted Desert
  575. Papillon
  576. Parishuddha
  577. Parker REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  578. Pastel v2
  579. Patriot 3 column wordpress theme
  580. Pelangi Ungu
  581. Pepper Press
  582. Persian
  583. Persnickety 3 column wordpress theme
  584. Phenom v2
  585. PhoenixBlue tested with WordPress 2.0
  586. PhoenixTheme tested with WordPress 2.0
  587. Photanical Theme
  588. Pink Butterflies
  589. Pink Curves
  590. Pink is the New Black
  591. Pink Winter
  592. Pinkalicious
  593. Pinstripes
  594. Placid
  595. Plain Grey
  596. Plain v2
  597. Plain Vanilla
  598. Plainrox
  599. plaintxtBlog REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support 3 column wordpress theme
  600. Plane Jane
  601. Pod
  602. Poetic Love
  603. Polaroid designed specifically for photobloggers/photoblogging – requires plugins
  604. Pool tested with WordPress 2.0
  605. Pop Art
  606. Postcards From the Edge
  607. Prebuilt NEW
  608. PressRow tested with WordPress 2.0
  609. Pressy
  610. Pro
  611. Problogger Clean
  612. Prozac
  613. Pray for Mercy!
  614. PSI
  615. Psycho
  616. pumpkin 3 column wordpress theme
  617. Punk
  618. QBZ Theme
  619. Qwilm! 3 column wordpress theme REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  620. Quentin
  621. RadMod
  622. Radical Image
  623. Ragiels Dream 3 column wordpress theme
  624. Ragiels Dream Two
  625. Rain REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  626. Rainbow
  627. Raining on Me tested with WordPress 2.0
  628. Rampart
  629. Random Image tested with WordPress 2.0
  630. rc2005
  631. RC 1.0
  632. rdc* theme
  633. Red & Blue Make White
  634. Red and White
  635. Red Autumn
  636. Red Is Nice tested with WordPress 2.0
  637. Red Marinee
  638. Red Stripes 3 column wordpress theme
  639. Red Train tested with WordPress 2.0
  640. Redbar
  641. RedLight NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  642. Reflection 1.0
  643. Reflections
  644. Refresh!
  645. Refresh 3 cols 3 column wordpress theme
  646. Regency REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  647. Regulus
  648. Regulus 2.0 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  649. Relaxed
  650. Relaxation
  651. Relaxtion 3 columns3 column wordpress theme
  652. Remember
  653. Renovatio
  654. Repeating Hearts
  655. Resolution
  656. Retrospotive
  657. Revved Up tested with WordPress 2.0 3 column wordpress theme
  658. Right Justified
  659. Rin
  660. Rin Tin Tin 3 column wordpress theme
  661. River Rocks
  662. Rounded REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  663. Rounded v2 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  664. RoundFlow REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  665. Rori Red
  666. Rotten Tarp
  667. Royal
  668. Rubric
  669. Rusty REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  670. Safety 3 column wordpress theme
  671. Sapphire
  672. Sarchasm
  673. Saturday Evening REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  674. Savoy Truffle
  675. Scam City
  676. Scattered
  677. Scarlet Blaze
  678. Scarlett Johanssen
  679. Scary Little 3 column wordpress theme
  680. Sculpt
  681. SeaBeast 3 column wordpress theme
  682. Secret Agent
  683. Semiologic this CMS theme comes packed with some powerful plugins, has 3 skins to choose from including a 3 column version AND is localized in no less than 5 languages
  684. Seniorita tested with WordPress 2.0
  685. Serinity
  686. SG/Dark tested with WordPress 2.0
  687. ShadedGrey tested with WordPress 2.0
  688. Shades of Blue
  689. Shantia
  690. Sharepoint Like
  691. Shiny NEW
  692. Shutterbug (for photobloggers!)
  693. Simpl-3 3 column wordpress theme
  694. Simpla
  695. Simple Blog
  696. Simple Blue NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  697. Simple Clean
  698. Simple Green
  699. Simple Green from NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  700. Simple Grey
  701. Simplicity
  702. Simplicity 0
  703. Simplicss
  704. Simplifisticate
  705. Simplify
  706. Simplr REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  707. SimplyCute
  708. Simply-Vic tested with WordPress 2.0
  709. Sinplex v2
  710. Sirius REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  711. Sixties
  712. Sky REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  713. Sky3c 3 column wordpress theme REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  714. SlaityStain
  715. Slash Dot 3 column wordpress theme
  716. Sleek
  717. Slick 3 column wordpress theme
  718. Slimple beta
  719. SmallBiz_3 3 column wordpress theme
  720. Smallr
  721. Smotiau REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  722. SnobTheme tested with WordPress 2.0 3 column wordpress theme
  723. Snow White
  724. Snowy Mountains
  725. Soccer Theme NEW
  726. Soft White
  727. SoftRed
  728. Sonia
  729. Soothe
  730. Sparanoia Beta 0
  731. Spiderman
  732. Spiral
  733. Spirit 3 column wordpress theme
  734. Spring
  735. Spring_beta NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  736. Spring Flavoured Manji
  737. Springer 3 column wordpress theme
  738. Springtime
  739. Squares
  740. Squible
  741. Stamps NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  742. Stanch
  743. Starburst
  744. Steam
  745. Stevish 2.0
  746. Stevish Castle
  747. Stevish Dream
  748. Stevish Got Class
  749. Stevish
  750. Story.Blu tested with WordPress 2.0
  751. Story.Red tested with WordPress 2.0
  752. Story.Pink tested with WordPress 2.0
  753. Story.Green tested with WordPress 2.0
  754. Story tested with WordPress 2.0
  755. StoryTeller
  756. Stripes
  757. Striped
  758. StripedPlus REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  759. Stripped
  760. Stucco
  761. Stuttering
  762. Stylish Blue Modern
  763. Subliminal
  764. Subnixus
  765. Subtle NEWincludes wordpress widgets support
  766. Summer Kiss
  767. Summer Lite (requires some plugins to work)
  768. Summer Sun
  769. Summertime
  770. Sunflowers
  771. Sunset 3 column wordpress theme
  772. Sunset v1.00 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  773. Suposedly Clean
  774. Stuttering
  775. Sunflowers
  776. Sweet Blossoms
  777. Sweet Pink!
  778. Swirl 3 column wordpress theme
  779. triSexuality Standard 3 column wordpress theme
  780. Taft
  781. Tan designed specifically for photobloggers/photoblogging – requires plugins
  782. Tannagh Colors
  783. Tannagh Theme2
  784. Tarski tested with WordPress 2.0
  785. Tech-Bytes
  786. TechnoBlue 3 column wordpress theme
  787. Tectropicana REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  788. TemplateXtreme Sample REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  789. Terracotta
  790. The Beauty Within 3 column wordpress theme
  791. The Cabinet
  792. Theorem
  793. Thin Green Line
  794. Thingamablog
  795. Think Different
  796. Thirteen
  797. Thirteen v1.2 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  798. Thought Mechanics
  799. Three Column Theme 3 column wordpress theme
  800. TicTac – Wuhan
  801. Tiga
  802. Timeless Grace
  803. Tiny
  804. tjodalf1
  805. TNO Theme 3 column wordpress theme
  806. Toni Themes
  807. Track 17 3 column wordpress theme
  808. Track Jacket
  809. Travelogue
  810. Treba
  811. Treacle 3 column wordpress theme
  812. TriColumn3 column wordpress theme
  813. Trident 3 column wordpress theme
  814. Trini Press
  815. Tropical Breeze tested with WordPress 2.0
  816. Tropical Grunge
  817. True Odyssey 3 column wordpress theme
  818. Tulip
  819. Turtlebird
  820. Twilight
  821. TypoXP REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ 3 column wordpress theme
  822. Ultrasimple
  823. Umulas
  824. Union Jack
  825. Unity
  826. Unsleepable REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  827. Unthinkable
  828. UrbanDecay NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  829. Utica Avenue
  830. v4ny Theme 1 You can preview all of the many v4ny wordpress themes HERE
  831. v4ny Theme 2
  832. v4ny Theme 3
  833. v4ny Theme 4
  834. v4ny Theme 5
  835. v4ny Theme 6
  836. v4ny Theme 7
  837. v4ny Theme 8
  838. v4ny Theme 9
  839. v4ny Theme 10
  840. v4ny Theme 11
  841. v4ny Theme 12
  842. v4ny Theme 13
  843. v4ny Theme 14
  844. v4ny Theme 15
  845. v4ny Theme 16
  846. v4ny Theme 17
  847. v4ny Theme 18
  848. v4ny Theme 19
  849. v4ny Theme 20
  850. v4ny Theme 22
  851. v4ny Theme 23
  852. v4ny Theme 24
  853. v4ny Theme 25
  854. v4ny Theme 26
  855. v4ny Theme 27
  856. v4ny Theme 28
  857. v4ny Theme 29
  858. v4ny Theme 30
  859. v4ny Theme 31
  860. v4ny Theme 32
  861. v4ny Theme 33
  862. v4ny Theme 34
  863. v4ny Theme 35
  864. v4ny Theme 36
  865. v4ny Theme 37
  866. v4ny Theme 38
  867. v4ny Theme 39
  868. v4ny Theme 40
  869. v4ny Theme 41
  870. v4ny Theme 42
  871. v4ny Theme 43
  872. v4ny Theme 45
  873. v4ny Theme 47
  874. v4ny Theme 48
  875. v4ny Theme 49
  876. v4ny Theme 50
  877. v4ny Theme 51
  878. v4ny Theme 52
  879. v4ny Theme 53
  880. v4ny Theme 54
  881. v4ny Theme 55
  882. v4ny Theme 56
  883. v4ny Theme 57
  884. v4ny Theme 58
  885. v4ny Theme 59
  886. v4ny Theme 60
  887. v4ny Theme 61
  888. v4ny Theme 62
  889. v4ny Theme 63
  890. v4ny Theme 64
  891. v4ny Theme 65
  892. v4ny Theme 66
  893. v4ny Theme 67
  894. v4ny Theme 68
  895. v4ny Theme 69
  896. v4ny Theme 70
  897. v4ny Theme 71
  898. v4ny Theme 73
  899. v4ny Theme 74
  900. v4ny Theme 75
  901. v4ny Theme 76
  902. v4ny Theme 77
  903. v4ny Theme 78
  904. v4ny Theme 79
  905. v4ny Theme 80
  906. v4ny Theme 81
  907. v4ny Theme 82
  908. v4ny Theme 83
  909. v4ny Christmas #1
  910. v4ny Christmas #2
  911. v4ny Christmas #3
  912. v4ny Christmas #4
  913. Vancouver Nights
  914. Vesuvius 3 column wordpress theme
  915. veryplaintxt REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  916. Very Simple
  917. Vicksburg
  918. Vivacity
  919. vSlider
  920. vSlider G2 great for photoblogging
  921. vSlider 2.0 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  922. Warm and Dry
  923. Way Too Clean
  925. What’s Your Solution
  926. Wheatgrass
  927. White as Milk
  928. White is the New Red 3 column wordpress theme
  929. White Onion
  930. Whitespace
  931. Wild Like Children
  932. Windstorm
  933. Winter Wonderland
  934. Wonderwall still in alpha stages, requires plugins (comes with them)
  935. WordPress 86
  936. WordPress 87
  937. WordPress 88 tested with WordPress 2.0
  938. WordPress 89 tested with WordPress 2.0
  939. WordPress 90 tested with WordPress 2.0
  940. WordPress 91 tested with WordPress 2.0
  941. WordPress 92 tested with WordPress 2.0
  942. WordPress 93 tested with WordPress 2.0
  943. WordPress 94 tested with WordPress 2.0
  944. WordPress 95 tested with WordPress 2.0
  945. WordPress 96 tested with WordPress 2.0
  946. WordPress 97 tested with WordPress 2.0
  947. WordPress 98 tested with WordPress 2.0
  948. WordPress 99 tested with WordPress 2.0
  949. WordPress Classic
  950. WordPress Default
  951. WordPress Index Builder
  952. WoW4WP
  953. wp-pad
  954. WP2 Toni Theme NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  955. WPAndreas03 tested with WordPress 2.0
  956. WPAndreas043 column wordpress theme
  957. WPAndreas06
  958. WPAndreas07 tested with WordPress 2.0
  959. WPAndreas08
  960. WPAndreas08 3 column 3 column wordpress theme
  961. WPAndreas08 3 column B 3 column wordpress theme
  962. WPAndreas09 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+
  963. WPGlass REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  964. WpInside
  965. wpjeriko01 REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  966. WuCoco NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  967. Wuhan tested with WordPress 2.0
  968. X Blog
  969. XBLOG 3 column wordpress theme
  970. XBLOG T1 3 column wordpress theme
  971. Yadda
  972. Yakuter Tema
  973. Yaletown NEW REQUIRES WordPress 2.0+ includes wordpress widgets support
  974. Yellehs
  975. Yaaarr! Tis me blog! 3 column wordpress theme
  976. Yellow tested with WordPress 2.0
  977. ZaZen
  978. Zen Minimalist
  979. Zig-Zag
  980. Zimpleza 3 column wordpress theme
  981. Zine 3 column wordpress theme

Much thanks to some other lists of WordPress themes including Organic Shadows, BloggingPro (who has screenshots and commentary for some of these themes), Alex King’s theme contest, and the WordPress Codex

To see many of these themes in action, be sure to check out Shadow’s WordPress Reference Centre and WordPress Theme Viewer, as well as Alex King’s Theme Browser, and Jon’s

To learn how to modify any of these themes check out “How to customize an existing WordPress 1.5 theme just the way you want

454 thoughts on “Comprehensive list of 980+ Free WordPress Themes / Templates available for download

  1. Thanks for the list. We are always looking for themes. Maybe one day I will be good enough (and take the time) to create one. :) Good day!

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  3. Great list Emily. I do notice in all your postings that there is no mention of Expression Engine. We have been planning our own weblog using Movable Type, but only today I have read that there are some serious technical issues regarding many blogs not being found at all and others where postings have disappeared from bloggers archives.

    We had in any case decided already to switch and use EE, as it is a fully compliant CSS/PHP/MySQL based package, with lots of excellent features. I accept that EE only has a small share of the blog software market at present, but then the developers only released it a few months ago, having taken over from their earlier package called pMachine Pro. I think that is correct.

    You ought to try out the functionality – we would be interested in your comments – before we dive in and buy their package! Sorry, that makes you sound like our guinea-pig – if you know what I mean!!

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  6. You are very much appreciated for compiling this info and I am happy to see all my 3 themes find a place in here :)

    Thanks for the good work and please keep it up ! :)

  7. A big ‘your welcome‘ to everyone who has written me with thanks for this post – I really appreciate the feedback!! And I’ll stay true to my promise to keep updating it as new WP 1.5 themes become available – I’m prowling the blogosphere for more as you read this.

    Also, a huge thanks to all of you who have linked to this post, and to my ‘How to Blog’ blog in general!!! They are GREATLY appreciated!! :)

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  9. Thanks for the links to Deep Blue, Green Trees and Mashed Spuds! I’ll let you know if/when I make something new :)

    You’re doing a fabulous job here, it must be overwhelming at times.

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  11. Actually, the crappymatic is the crappy script I wrote that converts generic templates into blogger, wordpress, diaryland, diary-x, movable type, and textpattern templates, so it’s not technically a wordpress theme itself – although all of the linkware templates at my site are.

  12. Hi there, this topic was recently bumped at WP so I thought I’d take a look – I’m mighty impressed by your effort, and it’s always good to see more resources to find more themes.

    The address for my Meadow theme (in the list) is now which includes the variation Don’t Panic! theme. If I do anymore themes they’ll be there.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Hi Emily,
    Thanks for Posting my “Aesthetic theme” here. Kudos for collecting the comprehensive and Best collection of WordPress Themes.

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  15. Pingback: Weblog de Cesar.

  16. To ‘Nice’ – Thank you so much for the heads-up on that! I’ve made all the corrections (and found another theme that was listed twice!)

    Unfortunately, the site where I found the link for the Radical Image theme (Organic Shadows) also points to the incorrect URL – and I haven’t been able to turn up any other references to that theme just yet, so for now I’ve removed it from the list.

    I greatly appreciate the help with editing! Thanks for taking the time to drop me the note!

  17. Again, to the WP theme authors, you’re all welcome (in response to the thanks you’ve expressed for having listed your themes here), but remember the real thanks goes out to YOU for having created the themes and making them freely available to the WP community. Thanks so much for sending your themes my way! Keep ’em coming :)

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  20. Emily: Just leting you know that my three themes (Deep Blue, Greentrees and Mashed Spuds) are no longer available for download. They may be resurrected at some time in the future but right now that seems doubtful… Thanks for the link-time :)

  21. Pingback: Still thinking on it

  22. Hi,

    I downloaded the Blue Radiant theme and was wondering if you could help me.

    I want to widen the columns a little and no matter what I seem to enter into the CSS style sheet it distorts the template?

    I like how you have this nice and wide 3 column and want the same! Any suggestions?

    Carl Sorensen

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  30. Thanks for putting together this list.

    I wanted to point out that about half of these are not wordpress themes as such; many are simply stylesheets, which don’t currently download properly (at least the ones from, which constitutes a good chunk of them).

    I’m currently looking for a list of themes that has direct links to the .zip files (rather than the info pages), so I can use a Firefox plugin (downThemAll!) to download them lazily. Anyone know of one?

  31. Pingback:

  32. Emily, you go girl! Thanks for putting this massive list together and linking directly to the author’s sites.

  33. When I click on the links to go to the web pages showing the styles on Alex King’s site, it just sends me to the default style. Does this happen to anyone else? Using Firefox on Windows xp here.

  34. It would be great if any of your themes could be downloaded. Any of theme (except the first one) charges. Wonderful, you have made a great web completely useless!!

  35. Ummm…”Undo,” you obviously have no idea what you are looking at. All themes are free and simply by clicking on the theme link, you’ll be taken to the author’s site where a download link can be found.

    Maybe you should do a little research before being so ignorant. This is a great list and a wonderful contribution to the WP community.

  36. This list is awesome but I think it would look better with thumbnails.

    I came up with 240 screenshots of the URLs given, they’re made automatically, as best as I could, so maybe someone can fill in the gaps by hand. I made them with a healty mixture of shell scripting, PHP, Python, my trusty MiniMac and it’s wonderful WebKit. The software used to take the actual “screenshots” was Webkit2PNG (

    I hope Emily has the time to dress the list with the corresponding screenshots, I think it’s better they stay here, than replicating the list at my own blog.

    So Emily; here’s the 12M zipball of the screnshots:

  37. Hi,
    Your efforts are great.
    May I suggest (is it too late) to list them by chronological order) grouped by month? It would make it easier than having to re-scroll the list each time searching for new names, cuz I usually forget previously viewed theme names in that growing list.

    …dare I suggest workable thumbnails?

    I applaud your efforts!

  38. Hi everyone –

    Thanks for all of the suggestions – I agree that the list would be much more beneficial with screenshots and/or thumbnails. I’m going to implement that as soon as time permits. Please keep in mind though that it will take me quite some time — in fact, just maintaining this list has taken MANY hours worth of work.

    @Ruben — thanks much for the thumbnails – I look forward to having the time to upload them all to the site!

    @all the theme authors — thanks again for all of your hard work and your contributions to the WP community. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! Keep up the fantastic work!

  39. The link I submitted is to ALL the Kickass WordPress Themes, both three and four column, which are all available on the themeswitcher. I’ll be adding to the page periodically. Enjoy!

  40. Greetings,

    Great resources you have here. It’s bookmarked on my end. Passing on three 404’s to you that I ran across:



  41. Something I would love to see is someone actually have a list of these themes categorized by type (ie 2 column-Left, 2 column-Right, 3 column, and then have thumbnails of each theme… :-)

    This could take some time, but certainly easier than using the Theme Viewer to wade thru each one at a time…

    Just my 2 cents…

  42. I just released my own theme today called Old School. This is a pretty simple 3-column theme. Unlike any other themes I have tried, Old School uses tables, and relies less on CSS stuff. And for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes, I have added some logic in the header module to include description and keywords meta tags. These are made up from the page title, and or the blog name and description. The left column is left empty so a 160×600 skyscraper type banner may be included. There is also a sport in the header for a 468×60 type banner to be placed. I have Google Adsense banners in these places on my page. It can be downloaded at

  43. On auspicious occasion of Diwali ( Indian Festival ) I release two more themes for wordpress.

    1> Maple Leaf
    Download Link:

    2> Anthosia
    Download Link:

    Please do check my Themes page for more themes and future updates

    On personal note Emily you are doing great job. I always land up here to find new themes for my blogs. Thank a lot for this list.

  44. I created another theme named Cnnesque inspired by the layout of a popular news site. There are spots for a 728×90 leaerboard banner such as Google Adsense, and a 300×250 box type banner (such as Google Adsense). The code contains comments marking the appropriate places to add the code. It can be downloaded at

  45. Hi Emily-
    Awesome list- and a lot of hardwork-
    what the WP community needs is a single space for posting themes- with a theme browser – like Alex’s- and some kind of eval of each theme-
    I’ve been frustrated by downloading themes that:
    Have embedded ads and links back to the theme developer- without a read me explaingin them.
    And- it would be nice to know what WP features they include- ideally – the feature list would be in a db- and we could check off which features we’re looking for- and only see the themes that apply-
    I for one – have no use for a calendar of post dates-
    I think it a waste of space.
    Others love it-
    Some themes don’t allow categorizing links-
    others do- etc.
    I’m hoping the dev team realizes that this is too important of a resource not to put a team to work on it.


  46. useless post IMO cause there is too many themes an there is no selection nor screenshots.
    (mostly) crappy themes.

    That’s my opinion.

  47. @Podz: My list contains 370 themes and counting, and I’ve spent over 40 hours on creating and maintaining it. And yes, my list is copyright protected in the sense that someone cannot just copy and paste my entire list as is on their site without my permission. That doesn’t mean that someone could not utilize my list to create a derivative work of their own – but they would need to modify it enough to be seen as it’s own work – significantly distinct from mine, or add enough additional content of their own – even if that were to be providing their own theme descriptions or even by adding thumbnails — something that differentiates the work from what I have done here. I do not have a problem with someone using my resource as a launching point for creating their own distinct resource, but just copying and pasting my list as is only to republish it on their own website/blog is unacceptable.

    I certainly haven’t forgotten where I’ve gotten all of the themes from, and my list is a derivative work based upon numerous other sites as well as an intense amount of foraging the internet on my own and correspondence with individual theme authors. For future reference, here is a link to guidelines for “Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials”:

    As you can see from previous comments, visitors such as David, jtnt, Dennis, Matthieu all have pointed out usability issues where my list could be improved. Should someone care to implement those suggestions on their site, I’d applaud the effort — it is, in fact something I’ve been meaning to do on my blog but as I’ve been sick for so long, I haven’t had the time and now I’m so backloaded with work that I’m barely able to pay my mortgage, so again, while I have high aspirations for transforming my theme list into something that’s more than just a list I honestly don’t know when I’ll have the time to do it. As mentioned, just maintaining this list is far more time consuming than I’d ever anticipated it to be.

  48. Copyright is always a challenge when compiling other works to create a unique work of your own. You might want to consider adding a “Creative Commons” license to your blog. There is a link on my blog for the license (see “Links”, Blogroll, Choosing a License, Creative Commons). You’ll also find a link at the bottom of my website:

    Hope this helps.

  49. Oops…forgot to thank you for compiling the list. Thanks!

    I used a version of “A blog beyond” and modified it a lot (moved the columns around). I’m still working on it, but I’ve rec’d several positive comments from friends and colleagues. I’m still trying to figure out how to post my URI for trackbacks? Anyone have any suggestions?

  50. Awesome list. I thought you might like to know I’ve updated my RC2005 theme recently, which is a three-column, 1024×768 theme with the center first in the HTML (no easy feat). It has a unique post- and comment-time conversion script that converts timestamps into the reader’s timezone.

  51. I was very pleased when I found a link to this site showing a very large list of WordPress themes but sadly after spending a couple hours clicking through many of the links that I must inform you that at least 30% or so of the links in just the first 50, 100, and 150 links listed do not work!

    They are broken links leading to “page not found” errors or “no input field specified” error or they lead to a website that describes a theme but doesn’t show screenshots or links to view what the theme looks like.

    I lost count of the exact number of links that were broken or of no use but I started noticing many of them, 30% is just a guestimate for the first 50-150 links I tried. Test it yourself, start at the top of your list and proceed by clicking each of the links to see what I mean.

    Links that would be good are links that take you to where you can see the actual theme in use, or a screenshot of the theme with a link to download from. Some of the links you provide do this, but many do not.

    I hope you get a chance to go through them when time permits.



  52. How cab you lay claim to copyright of the definative list of wordpress blog titles? If it IS the definative list you can’t copyright it!

    I mean if it is the total list whats to say I copied yours
    or compliled my own? As it happens I am about to compile my own and refuse to be prevented from doing so by your claim to copyright.

    This is against the spirit of open source! i want my own list because I do not want live links to the site in case any of them have content not suitable for an education audience i.e. young children.

    Your claim to copytight made me mad it is unfair!

  53. Awesome list. I thought you might like to know I’ve updated my RC2005 theme recently, which is a three-column, 1024×768 theme with the center first in the HTML (no easy feat). It has a unique post- and comment-time conversion script that converts timestamps into the reader’s timezone.

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  56. Emily Thanks for a great list. In following links for 3 column themes I found a bunch more at which don’t seem to appear to be on your list. Also Pumpkin on your list is a 3 column theme

  57. Hi Emily,

    Thank you for such great information! I am researching blogging to add to our site mainly for my husband b/c he likes to write articles for the local paper here and have his opinions be known. I didn’t see any information on Life Type or what used to be called pLog here. Did you ever experiment with that? I spent several hours yesterday reading through your blogs and it seems that WordPress it definitely the way to go! NOW MY QUESTION: I understand generally how the Internet, hosting, domains, some html basics (from dreamweaver)works but I do not have any extensive programming knowledge with php, xhtml, etc. Do I need to know these, or will I be able to figure it out by using WordPress and getting a hosting service for a blog site? Thanks for your help on How to Blog! Kwanza

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  75. *pinches self* Omg…I’m in WP theme heaven!!!! I’m not dreaming!! It’s true!! 😛 Thanks a million Emily, for going thru the trouble of compiling this list. Man…it’s gonna take a life for me to actually try each theme. Haha!!

    Keep up the great work! *Applause! Applause!*

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  86. @Charlie – Just added both of your themes to the list – keep up the great work!!

    @Colby – Thanks for the headsup on the broken links! I updated the link for Pink is the New Black (was link 437 – author changed their permalink structure w/o setting up redirects). The other link you mentioned (for the theme Quentin) worked fine for still having problems?

    @John – I would hardly say the list is useless — it is the most comprehensive list of wordpress themes to date on the internet (and includes 300 more themes than – which is an awesome site). I would *very* much like to create an entire site dedicated to wordpress themes, with descriptions, screenshots, etc if time permitted, but you wouldn’t believe how much time it takes just to maintain this list and I being self-employed with a mortgage to pay for doesn’t allow me the luxury of creating the elaborate wordpress theme site I so wish to develop :(

    @To everyone who dugg this site — thank you so much! I’m truly honored!

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  91. This is just a list-dump of a ton of themes, on a site with text that overflows on the right. I would much prefer an actual categorized list of themes, even cooler would be a searchable database.

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  105. Fantastically huge list! I’ve just started browsing through. It would be nice if I can get a theme that I can use.

    I know this is too much to ask, but someone should take this list and catagorize it, with screen shot thumbnails.

  106. Hi Emily,

    This is such a great resource list of WordPress Templates. I have posted about your site several times on my blog.

    No need for anyone else to keep adding to their list when you have it all.

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  113. Great work on this list, Emily. Hope you don’t mind, but I made a post about this post in my blog so that some more people might enjoy this as much as I do.

    Thanks so much for your effort!

  114. Emily,

    First of all, thanks for putting together a comprehensive list of themes for WordPress. I can’t believe there are now 800 plus themes for WordPress. Amazing. I just want to give you the link for the Black-Letterhead theme so you can update your list. Also, I now have version 1.1 and 1.2 available. The latter supports WordPress widgets. Here’s the link for the Black-Letterhead pages at


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  124. Hi Emily:

    You can add my theme Barthelme, which is a fluid, two-column theme with a minimalist approach. It’s Widgets-friendly and has a theme options menu (only works with WordPress 2.0). And the link is . . .

    Barthelme »

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  127. I’m working on a port of the nice design “Mint Chocolate Chip”. It should be both Wp 2.0 and widget compatible. Input and suggestions welcomed…

    Emily, you’re the best!

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  136. Emily! And I think you just updated this list like two days ago and I’m putting another theme here. Sigh. Anyhow . . .


    • Includes Widgets support
    • Requires WordPress 2.0+
    • Theme options menu
    • Blah, blah, blah

    Thanks for the great list, by the way 😉

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  140. Emily, could you consider displaying the themes in a different format or a way to preview them? I mean, since there a so many themes listed, navigation is a bit slow. Also, check out some links as they do not work.

    Thanks for your incredible theme list. :o)

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  146. seems the link to subnixus is dead. i’m willing to bet that since the wordpress theme viewer has been edited that many of these theme links are dead too.

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  148. Pingback: iosononessuno… » Archivio Blog » volevo cambiare il tema….

  149. I have spent over 90 hours thus far in creating, maintaining and updating this list, and will not tolerate those who attempt to steal it!

    This seems kind of harsh and narrow-minded. How many hours have the WordPress developers put in on their product that you are enjoying free use of? And this post is all about “free” themes! I can understand pride of authorship, but it’s kind of glaring to see such a starkly selfish statement around this topic.

  150. Pingback: CT Biz Blogs » Blog Archive » …and, we’re back!

  151. Thanks for the great list Emily – I found the MW theme to monetize my site from your list and my dad also downloaded for his travel blog. I’ll tell him to chime in and say thanks too..



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  155. There is a scene in Flashman at the Charge. The year is 1856. Britain has just declared war on Russia (the Crimean War), and British generals are discussing where to invade there enemy.

    One general is studying a map of Russia, and comparing it to a map of Great Britain. After some time in thought he turns to his compatriots and asks, “Big, isn’t it?”

    I had a look at your list of WordPress themes, and like the fictitious British general I have to ask, “Big, isn’t it?”

    May I suggest organizing the beast?

    WordPress 2.0 compatible
    Requires WordPress 2.0
    Not WordPress 2.0 compatible
    Requires plugins
    Plugins incorporated
    Widgets ready
    Widgets incorporated
    1 column
    2 column
    3 column
    4 column
    No images

    No doubt many a theme will fall under more than one category. So something like the theme viewer would be a good tool. The goal is to cut down on the size of the list after all.

  156. I’ve got the new Sandbox theme, ready for download:

    • Widgets-friendly
    • WordPress 2.0+
    • Theme options menu
    • It’s a one-, two-, and three-column theme


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  161. Thanks Emily for the list. Totally love it.
    I would have loved to see screeshots though. can’t we make a nice mouseover screenshot to show up? they don’t have to load with the page, so we can save lots of bandwidth. Only if people are interested, they can mouseover and the picture will load then. If you need any help with such scripts, I’d be more than glad to help you with it.
    thanks again.

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  166. I’ve just had a look a look at quite a number of the themes. I was just wondering, are they all worpress themes? For instance, ‘cup of joe’ doesn’t look like your typical wordpress site. I guess I’m wrong and this just shows the wide variety of themes that have been added to the list.

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  177. Emily, you’re kidding yourself if you think you can copyright a list of hyperlinks. A list of links to FREE WordPress templates that your are openly sharing with the public at large, no less. Once you’ve put it out there online, you’d be hard pressed to control what people do with it. There is no way you could legally defend this, if it ever came down to it.

    I do not doubt that you must have put in a tremendous amount of time compiling the list, and agree that it would be a really nasty thing for someone to copy and paste it into their site (although why would they, when they can simply link to this post). But you haven’t CREATED anything here. You’ve simply compiled, copied, and pasted a list of links. This doesn’t equal the creation of new and original work, which is what copyright is about. This simply can’t be copyrighted, and it’s silly to lay claim to it. I’m not trying to be an ass here, that’s just not how copyright works. It would be different if you were collecting revenue from this list, and if you hadn’t already made it openly available to anyone with a computer and internet connection.

    That said, thanks for putting so much time and effort into compiling this list and for sharing it.

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  179. Pingback: - Ho

  180. Yea Luc is right. It’s unfortunat you’d spend all this time compiling list to not be able to claim copyrits to it. A lot of serch engins have directorys. Google has it where you can be a editor. Or was that Yahoo? Anyway you can help them fill their directory but still can’t you or them legaly claim copyrits that list compiled. Claiming it like a lawsuite waiting to hapen. I sure wouldn’t you to undergo that just cos do to a mis-understanding of copyrits law.

    An idea you can think to become a serch engin editor (basicaly what you did here find links online and posting it on one area) but I don’t think it pays money. And you still wouldn’t able claim copyrights to it, tho. Maybe ther is a way. Nevr know til ask.

    Thnx for the your wonderful eforts. Plz forgiv me for my english. I’m getting beter. 😉

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  191. Great effort.
    Just missing preview feature.
    It is taking to much time to view themes by clicking on link and then searching for themes. Some urls are moved too.

    Hope soon you gonna to update this

  192. I just try the last link in your list but the domain now listed as a parked domain..
    I think you should remove it from your list

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  209. Dude, thank you so much for this! I know it must have taken up a lot of your time, but man, you’re awesome! This must have taken up so much time! You’re AMAZING!

    Thank you, again. You’re an angel!

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  246. I am working on figuring out why on earth the link list is refusing to display – it’s not in the source code when I view the page, so somehow WP is not outputting the contents of the actual post. This has never happened before, and the link list used to work fine on my old webhost (I had to move and then import my backup into the database at HostGator, which I switched to) – I’m kinda pulling my hair out trying to figure out what’s wrong so if anyone is willing to help debug this disaster please let me know!

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  250. I can not get to any of these samples can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? My instructor listed your site and well I can not get to your information listed. Thank you in advance

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  263. Are those themes listed priceless or free in the sense of free software (GPL, Apache… licence)?

    I would not dare to steal your list. It wouldn’t even come into my mind except I was reading your notice not to do steal the list. It sounds a little contradictory to protect a list of free software…

    Don’t get me wrong. Thanks for the work!

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