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Automatically Pin your WordPress Posts to Your Pinterest Boards (and vice versa!)

Automatically pin WordPress posts to Pinterest Board with IFTTT

I've been waiting for this to happen and that day is finally here:  Pinterest has been integrated into IFTTT!

Why am I so excited about this?  First of all, I get excited by anything that has to do with automation - it's in my nature.  But you should be excited about this, too!

In case you've never heard of it, IFTTT (If This Then That) is an awesome (and free!) service that connects all sorts of internet related components together.  

Some of the services it Pinterest automates include WordPress, Twitter, Facebook (personal accounts, FB pages, and FB groups), Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, and more.

 This is great for WordPress users (all bloggers, really) because setting up what's known as IFTTT Recipes can save you a ton of time!  Imagine having the following things happen automatically:

IFTTT WordPress to Facebook Page
Tweet WordPress Posts to Twitter
  • Every time you post to WordPress, automatically Tweet the title and link of your post
  • Automatically share new WordPress posts to your Facebook Page
  • All of your pics that you upload to Instagram with a specific hashtag get posted straight to your WordPress site as a new photo post your specified category
  • Immediately share new FB posts to your LinkedIn account
  • And on and on - the possibilities are endless!

Everyone with a Blog should be promoting their posts on social media

​But doing this on your own can very quickly become a tedious and time consuming task:  post to WordPress, log in to Twitter and tweet a link to your new WP post, go to FaceBook and share the wordpress post to your wall (or your FB Page, or both), next go to Google+ and share your wordpress post there, on to LinkedIn to share your latest WP post there,  next go to Tumblr & share it there...  Maybe you want to archive your posts to Evernote, so you'd better save a copy of it there (and/or OneNote, Pocket, Instapaper, etc).  Don't forget to share your latest wordpress baby on social bookmarking sites like Pinboard and Delicious.  And if it's an image post, you'd best be sure to share it on Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.  The list goes on and on, and it's exhausting.  And a waste of time, because as necessary as all these tasks for promoting your WordPress posts are there's no reason for you to be doing them manually.

IFTTT can Automate ALL the tasks of promoting your WordPress posts for you.  Except Pinterest -- until now!

Pinterest Pinboards Like and Share PinsPinterest is HUGE and growing by the minute.  Pinterest sends an enormous amount of traffic to many sites on the web, including WordPress blogs/CMS sites.  And people love Pinterest because it’s so visual – the message is easy and quick to get across.  Sharing all of your WP posts and images to Pinterest is critical these days.  

There used to be no option but to do this manually. Pin your WordPress posts and images to Pinterest as you publish them. Every time. And now IFTTT can take of all of that for you automagically. Can you tell that I'm stoked??

It also works in the opposite direction: items you Pin to your Pinboards can automatically get posted to your WordPress site.

This is especially helpful if you've got an image focused WordPress site: a lookbook ​of the latest fashion trends, design ideas, even recipes!  Bottom line, today is a banner day for WordPress bloggers and Pinterest users alike.  Excuse me while I go and set up my IFTTT recipes connecting WordPress to Pinterest...

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