Premium WordPress Themes Cyber Bundle from Mojo Themes major disappointment so far!

I received an email just before the holidays from my web host, Hostgator, offering a special limited-time only Cyber Bundle of 13 premium WordPress themes from Mojo Themes for $29 – WP themes that purportedly are worth $608.  Sounded like a great deal, so I figured I’d jump on it, even though I didn’t have time to research the quality of the specific themes, or their provider, Mojo Themes.  After paying, I was sent to a download page wherein I ran into my first hiccup – one of the themes, Frisco, gave a “Cannot load page” error every time I attempted to download it.  Not off to a good start.  I emailed support, and they were quick to get back to me (just under 2 hours), letting me know that, “We are currently working to resolve the issue with the download on this theme.” – and they attached the WP theme to their email.

Now that I’ve had my first opportunity to get back to work after the holidays, my second problem arose:  I wasn’t at my desktop PC where I’d originally downloaded the MOJO wordpress themes – I was on my new (YAY!) MacBook Pro, so in order to install the themes I would need to download them from the member area to my laptop. Only problem was, I couldn’t remember my password.  So I clicked the ‘Lost Password’ button, entered my username, waited for the email to arrive and then clicked on the link provided to me to reset my password, only to get a page with an Error Code of 400, and a page that said simply, “Oops. You done broke’d it now, travis. I’ll go call the plumber.”  Seriously???  So I submitted another support request a few hours ago, which I haven’t heard back from yet.

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Fix for Jetpack Publicize to FaceBook Page Problem

WordPress plugin Jetpack publicize to FaceBook Page broken

I’ve been having trouble for the last few weeks getting a few of my blogs to connect to my FaceBook pages using the popular WordPress plugin, Jetpack. Every time that I would configure Jetpack to publicize to Facebook, it would not give me the option of selecting any of my facebook pages – and I didn’t want these posts going onto my personal facebook profile.

A quick search revealed that MANY users are experiencing this problem getting Jetpack to Publicize to their FaceBook Pages. The bad news is that this is a known bug. The good news is that a fix is on the way, perhaps as early as next Monday.

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How to fix “Invalid security token” error when users try to comment

How to fix “Invalid security token” errors upon users commenting

I’ve been posting more frequently lately, and was surprised that no one had commented on any of my recent posts.

But then I went and tried to comment on one of my own posts and was surprised to receive an error of “Invalid security token” after I submitted my comment (and this was while I was logged in as admin no less!)

I had a feeling it might have to do with one of the additional plugins I’d installed to combat spam, and seeing as how Akismet has been doing such a great job on it’s own anyhow, I figured that deactivating them one at a time would be the best way to test what was causing the problem. Needless to say, as soon as I deactivated Antispam Bee, the “Invalid security token” error went away and I was able to leave comments once again on my blog without a problem.

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WordPress Problem: Permalinks changed after updated to WP 3.5.2

Perhaps my WordPress update didn’t go as smoothly as I’d initially thought… Somehow, my permalinks changed of their own accord! I had always had them as a custom one of “%postname%-%post_id%.htm”, and hadn’t even noticed that my post permalinks suddenly were in the form of “/%postname%/”.

Luckily, I have a 404-Error monitor plugin installed, and quickly discovered that all of a sudden my site was generating an enormous amount of 404 (page not found) errors! Upon looking at the list of URLs that were suddenly “not found” and recognizing them as some of my most visited posts’ permalinks, I immediately went and scanned my blog and noticed in Settings|Permalinks that my site was no longer configured with my custom pretty permalinks!

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All of my WordPress posts disappeared! Thankfully was able to restore from backup, but very disconcerting nonetheless!

Wow – all of my wordpress posts disappeared!. Talk about a very scary experience!

UPDATE – RESOLVED!:  Thanks to the tech team at Hostgator, I was able to determine that an errant plugin was causing the repeated problems with all of my posts disapearing – deactivating and deleting this plugin stopped this problem from reoccurring

I was doing some maintenance on How to Blog, and deactivated the Subscribe2 plugin as well as the Subscribe To Comments plugin I had been using as they are no longer necessary since Jetpack has both of those functions built into it.. I then went into Appearance | Widgets in my dashboard and dragged the ‘Blog Subscriptions (Jetpack)’ widget to the top of my sidebar and configured it. Then I dragged the “Top Posts and Pages (Jetpack)’ widget to the bottom of my sidebar and configured it.

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