Emily Robbins – your source for SEO, Keyword Research, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Blogging services/info

I have been happily and successfully self-employed since 1996 and earn my living doing a wide variety of Internet Marketing including Affiliate Marketing (promoting other people’s products or services for commission online), SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media Marketing, Keyword Research, setting up and configuring search engine optimized blogs for others, and other forms of consulting, contract work, etc (I did a complete redesign for ExpertVillage.com which contributed to its being sold for $16 million dollars — it was the largest how-to video site on the internet and is now incorporated into eHow.com).  I have contributed to two books (“The Secret Power of Blogging: How to Promote and Market Your Business, Organization, or Cause with Free Blogs” and “The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web: How to Use and Profit from Affiliate Marketing Programs“, both by Bruce Brown).

I’m brilliant at keyword research and find it incredibly fulfilling.  I love finding high PPC keywords for adsense (which also comes in handy for domaining, SEO, ), as well as finding great niches to target for affiliate marketing, etc and long-tail keyphrases.  Furthermore, with regards to SEO work, I am fantastic at finding additional keywords that your site should be targeting (based on researching what people are actually searching for) so that we can get the most organic traffic from the search engines (the kind you don’t have to pay for) to your site as possible.

I am for hire and can expertly redesign your site to be Search Engine Optimized (most web designers do not take SEO into account whatsoever in creating your website) and even create and optimize a Social Media campaign for you to gain followers and traffic.  I am shockingly good at driving traffic to any particular website.  My keyword research experiences makes me fabulous at finding the best domain name for your website (and can register domains for you as well as setup your webhosting).  You may hire me to research keywords for you and find profitable niches within which to work.  And obviously I am most certainly able to create a search engine optimized WordPress blog for you with the best plugins needed, the theme of your choosing, and even set it up to be a content management system for you (CMS).  I am also an expert in User Interfaces for both websites and software, as well as in Quality Assurance (hunting down your bugs) and have many years experience in that area.

In the future I’ll be offering up some information on affiliate marketing, SEO, working from home, social media, niche long-tail keyword research, and the tools that I use to help me with all of my tasks.

I’m probably most well known on the ‘net for my blog on How to Blog (which consists of blogging tips, tricks, tools, templates, etc).  Sadly I’ve been too busy with work to update it much lately, but I hope to get back to helping bloggers soon.

If you’d like to hire me for contract work or consulting, shoot me an email at [email protected] or call me at 512-522-9415.  I do both long distance work as well as local (in Austin, TX).